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Traders using OptionsXO can enjoy the wwwoptionsxocom review of a powerful trading platform developed by Tech Financials. It provides a wide range of excellent features, including live data feed wwwoptionsxocom review advanced charts. Key features of the platform include early closure, double up, roll over and high yield.

With the early closure feature you are able to close wwwoptionsxocom review position before the contract expires. OptionsXO also offers a reliable mobile trading platform. The most standout feature of OptionsXO is the advanced charting package which allows you wwwoptionsxocom review get a popup window of an enlarged chart with just a single mouse click.

You can view this chart without the need to divert your attention from the main trading window. You will be able to trade as much as wwwoptionsxocom review currencies, 12 indices and 3 commodities. OptionsXO provides several efficient account types that can be easily wwwoptionsxocom review to your preferences and needs.

If you decide on a premium account you can also count on a variety of bonus features wwwoptionsxocom review services meant to make your trading experience even more enjoyable. The following account types are available:. It is crucial to note that hardly any service in the Binary Options Brokers category is going to be a perfect solution able to fulfill all the goals of different investors.

It may be a good idea to read a few OptionsXO reviews first as some solutions might actually dominate exclusively in a specific geography or situation or be prepared with a really specific customer in mind.

Wwwoptionsxocom review might work with an idea of being simple and intuitive and consequently lack advanced elements needed by more experienced users. You can also find services that cater to a large group of customers and provide a powerful feature set, but that frequently comes at a more wwwoptionsxocom review price of such a software. Ensure you're aware of your needs so that you buy a wwwoptionsxocom review that provides all the functionalities you search for.

The data is then presented in an easy to digest wwwoptionsxocom review showing how many people had positive and negative experience with OptionsXO. This means its clients can expect their consumer rights to be protected by the force of law. Leave this field empty.

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Wed Apr 4 Tokyo: January edited January in General. I can't buy groceries OptionsXO stole over 50k from me and I need my money back! Listen to my video of the lies they have told me over and over, please help me! I am the binaryoptionswatchdog and I will work to get OptionsXO to pay you back man! You are going down optionsxo. You don't mess with the dog and expect to not get bitten! You are going down son! I feel your pain this woman says! She is rude and needs a good smack.

Don't worry the Dog is on it! They take your money with their phone calls, sweet talks, very persistent persuasion and false hope of making money for you. Once, you are in their hooks, you can bye bye to your money. You will never take your money out! They are thieves, robbers, liars and high profile irresponsible scammers. It is a scam! Never give it to them even if they keep persuading you day after day by phone calls! This is their strategy. Once you did, your money will be gone for good!!!!!

The feedbacks people gave on this webpage are true and more reliable than what your broker told you. OptionsXO have no experience of making money. The way they make money is by conning you. Not from the market! They will always ask you to go to gold, then platinum account. They always ask for more money so that they can help you to get out of the mess they created. The only way to get your money is to upgrade your account or put more money in!!!

This is their strategy! If you asked a broker to trade for you, he will use the bonus to trade so that you have no cash balance, except bonus balance. You can only withdraw cash balance with OptionXo platform. Commonly, they will not respond to you email or request.

Basically, you are abandoned! In summary, OptionsXO brokers are highly sophisticated thieves that dangle a carrot of making millions of dollars in few months for you. Check it before it gets withdrawn!

In actually fact, they make money by stealing from you, not making it for you! OptionsXO has completely robbed me of my life savings. This has devastated ripped apart my family and I had to sell my house. Six brokers later, now they won't talk to me. I am beyond desperate. Today someone actually answered my phone call by mistake I guess.

She knew my name by my phone number, and then placed me on hold and never got back. Then I called back, and no matter the department I dialled for, I was on hold indefinitely. I have been living in a waking nightmare for over 15 months now.

I'll try anything at this point. I have also spoken to Cody in the past and got nowhere. I am really very sorry to hear about your pain. OptionsXO is not a regulated broker, they are operated by Omni Capital located in Bucharest and the Marshall Islands so there is little you can do except to complain to whatever local authority you have, and there is probably little they can do. As for Michael Freeman, he's as big a scammer as they come so don't put any faith in him either.

About the best thing you can do is to post your complaints here and on other top rated forums and then let OptionsXO know about it, it may not mean anything to them but it can sometimes help Question; where are you located, why did you deposit so much money with them, did you take a bonus Don't sign up to a broker that is from a country which does not have a strong regulatory system.

There's no point in having the best binary options strategy if the broker you are working with is not carefully regulated.

This can lead to problems with withdrawing funds, slow trading platforms that get stuck and may result in you losing your money, little to no customer support, and the list goes on. I never understand traders who keep money in their brokers accounts.. Blue Sky Binary Posts: We recently interviewed Omid Rashid whose case became quite high profile last year. If I recall correctly he lost a similar amount at this broker. His entire ordeal is below. Same tactics, fake names, locations, persuasion etc.

In our opinion, all of this will stop when new entrants to the industry aren't greeted with scam brokers and affiliate funnel products on Google's page 1. Google single handedly can shut this racket down so that people first land up on proper forums like this one and actually really understand how things work in Binary Options. Signal Hive - The No.

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