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Joseph Ruohs, a prominent citizen of that period, was President, and Jonathan P. Upon the approach of the Federal army during the war, the assets of the bank were carried by Mr. When the war was over, he returned to Chattanooga and accounted for every dollar of the assets. McMillin was the grandfather of Colonel Douglass N. This bank was located at Market Street.

Burns was the father of the late W. Burns, long a prominent citizen of Chattanooga, and for many years a director of the Hamilton National Bank.

The Chattanooga Discount and Deposit Bank suspended operation inpaying traders bank in tullahoma tn depositors dollar for dollar. This was a national organization with many branches throughout the South. When the national organization went into receivership inthe local branch suspended business. This bank was located on the present site of the Third National fifteen-story office building of the Hamilton Bank National Bank. Vance was President, and C. Vance was a brother of the late John C.

Vance, who established the John C. Vance Iron and Steel Company. Thompson was President; G. Jamagin, Secretary; and C. Jamagin was an uncle of Miss Eula Jamagin, illustrious retired headmistress traders bank in tullahoma tn the Girls Preparatory School, and of the distinguished McCallie family, so long prominent in the educational and civic life of the community.

Merriam succeeded to the Presidency. Merriam was the father of the late I. He was also the father of Gamett Merriam, now in the coal business in Chattanooga.

Like many other banks at that time, it suspended operation during the great real estate boom of the period. The depositors were paid in full and it is believed that the stockholders also were eventually paid for the full amount of their stock. Hart was President; Colonel E. Watkins, Vice President; and I. Noa was made President in At the same time, J.

Devine was made Vice President, together with D. Nicklin, father of J. This bank was traders bank in tullahoma tn absorbed by the Chattanooga National Bank. Probasco, William Probasco, and A. Wisdom, organized the Bank of Chattanooga inand in it was chartered under the name of The Bank traders bank in tullahoma tn Chattanooga.

Probasco was President; Z. Probasco was the father traders bank in tullahoma tn S. The son has been very active in civic affairs and is one of the most active citizens of Chattanooga today. The Bank of Chattanooga did not surrender its charter, however, but continued to handle trust matters. No deposits have been accepted by it since the organization of the American National Bank. Present officers are Summerfield K. Nelson, Vice President; and F. This bank traders bank in tullahoma tn operations in Henson was President; C.

Mason, Vice Presidents; and R. Chambliss was a brother of the Honorable A. His nephew is the Honorable John Chambliss, now a prominent attorney and civic leader in this city. O'Brien was the first President and S. He had had a small amount of banking experience at Woodbury, Tennessee, and Tullahoma, Tennessee. He was advanced to the position of Cashier, and later assumed the Presidency. Preston was President; A. Stong, Vice President; and C. Preston brother of T.

In the Hamilton Trust and Savings Bank merged with the Hamilton National Bank, having been since under common stock ownership. Since the merger, this has been the Main Street Branch of the Hamilton National Bank, occupying commodious quarters on the ground floor of its own well appointed office building, giving complete banking service to thousands of citizens of that section of Chattanooga and to many from North Georgia and northeastern Alabama as well. Traders bank in tullahoma tn was President, and G.

It was liquidated in Barker was President; S. Read, Vice and Trust President; W. Wildam, Cashier; and W. Read was long traders bank in tullahoma tn prominent citizen of Chattanooga and proprietor of the Read House. Sadd later became President, and held that position at the time the Chattanooga Savings Bank was consolidated with the First National Bank. In this bank completed and moved into new offices on the ground floor of its own office building at the corner of Market, Eighth, and Broad Streets, the name having been changed in to the, Chattanooga Savings Bank and Trust Company.

Montague as President and W. The Board of Managers consisted of I. Stivers, and the President and Vice President, ex-officio. The following banks were represented at the organization meeting: Rules were modeled on those of the New Orleans Clearing House. The object of the Clearing House Association, as stated in the Chattanooga Times the morning following the first meeting, was to "have some place to meet at stated intervals, and place all the checks each bank has against the others, drawing out the amount the checks entitle them to.

It is merely a movement to facilitate business between the local banks. Formal records of the association are not available prior to June 12,at which meeting it was voted that the secretary buy a minute book for the association and charge each bank with its share of the expense. At this same meeting, officers for the following year were elected as follows: There was also discussion of a proposal to close at 2: The next meeting, on June 20, disclosed that the two non-Clearing House banks -Chattanooga Savings Bank and The Bank of Chattanooga had refused to agree to the early closing, and the matter was dropped for the time being.

The Chattanooga Savings Bank joined the association just a few months later. Nelson, having traders bank in tullahoma tn a representative of The Bank of Chattanooga and American National Bank to the Gearing House for some time, was first elected as full time manager in Januaryand provision was made for costs of a room and a stenographer.

Nelson is still the manager of the Gearing House, and through the years has performed a notable service traders bank in tullahoma tn handling inter-bank affairs in Chattanooga. Hibbler was a great-uncle of Robert Hibbler, Jr.

Ashcraft was President; W. Hackney, Vice President; and J. This bank was never successfully launched. The signitures on the stock apper to be D. McMillin, President; and J. This bank was probably never successfully launched. White was President; J. Erwin, Vice President; and H. It suspended operations in Fernald, Vice Traders bank in tullahoma tn and F.

This bank discontinued business in Eddington succeeded to the Presidency. In this bank was absorbed by the newly formed Union Bank and Trust Company. Lyerly was President; Joe S. Head, Vice President and Cashier; A. At the time of the merger, the Avenue Bank also operated a branch at Rossville, which was continued as a branch of the enlarged bank.

In February,the Rossville Branch occupied its new building, across the street from the original location. Inthis building was enlarged and improved, providing for the branch, now an office of the Hamilton National Bank, banking quarters second to none for convenience and efficiency in serving its thousands of traders bank in tullahoma tn in the Rossville area.

The Loveman Bank performed a useful service for twenty-five years; occupying space in Loveman's department store, it provided a convenient banking center for many downtown workers. The bank was voluntarily liquidated early inpaying all depositors in full. At that time F. Pike was Cashier, and had been in active management for several years. Clark was President; A. Stephens, Vice Presidents; and I.

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