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For those unfamiliar, 7 Days to Die mashes up first person shooting, survival horror, tower defense, and role-playing with the backdrop of a world in the wake of a global pandemic. Its unique combination of combat, crafting, looting, mining, exploration and character growth has earned it a huge following on PC with over 1. Looking to learn more about crafting, scavenging, and building and survival in a world gone mad works? Watch this informative field guide featuring 7 Days to Die community legend Guudeboulderfist.

In this first of a series of tutorials, Guude gives you all the tips you need to make it through your first day, including strategies on building a good fortification, and the basics of crafting supplies necessary trader 7 days to die xbox one split screen withstand the dangers of the trader 7 days to die xbox one split screen.

I love the game but I am wondering if you are going to be able to support and update the console version or is it a never supported game? This Game is brilliant. However it has one fatal flaw on ps4, there is no dedicated server platform. So when you play multiplayer which is the major attraction for me your either hosting a game on your ps4, or joining someone elses. This means only up to a max of 4 players at one time way too little as the map is so huge your unlikely to ever bump into another player But the real issue is that If I join a game, I could spend 4 hours levelling up and building stuff only for the host to log off his game and for me to lose all my hard work.

Who wants to do that? The only other option is to host it yourself, but then if my friends want to play I have to play too otherwise there is no host for them to join.

This is a major oversight and ruins what would otherwise be a fantastic "Ark Survival" beating game. Unless this issue is addressed, players including me will be voting with their feet and going elsewhere. Further to this there are other things in the pc version, which are sadly omitted on ps4.

No character creation at the beginning. Como investir opcoes binarias are forced to choose a skin, meaning everyone looks pretty much alike. Even the most basic rpg's these days allow you to customise your characters appearance eye colour, nose shape etc before starting. Leaving this out takes a big part of the game trader 7 days to die xbox one split screen, which I think is a mistake.

Sure if you want to use a pre-defined skin that's fine, but you should also be able to create a character also. An option to be able to customise your controller configuration would be trader 7 days to die xbox one split screen There are bugs with animation and clipping, but I forgive them for this as long as it's improved somewhere along the road. Love the game wish that they would fix it on losing worlds game to laggy to play with friends or the game dose not have enough speed to keep up with us we r a team of old school minecraft players that love to build enormous structure and we work fast with our ideas but the game starts to run slow or it kicks us out and will not let us bake in that world and we have to start another on still doing the same over and over and this is me speaking for all of us love the game but it needs in a desperate need of a bug fix and a faster game processor so we would be able to work all together and build.

To find each other on a map go to the people that r on the map and become allies with. Then once that is done u will see a black box should be under track make a check mark on it and it will let u track people in the world ur in. So when you play multiplaye … more r which is the major attraction for me your either hosting a game on your ps4, or joining someone elses.

I love 7 Days to Die but my only problem with this Game is that it keeps freezing on me and my friends. Even if we play single player. Tried to fix it but nothing seems to work. The main problems with the game is it crashes alot, no more than four can join in a server, minibike glitches out, doesn't load chunks fast enough, random generated map is smaller than navegane, servers are down a lot, and render distance is bad, max out treasure skill is very bad, you glitch out of the ground and die, now for what should be added in more lead spawn, add in backpacks trader 7 days to die xbox one split screen takes a level 30 or higher, boat one that breaks and the other holds like the mini bikes basket, NPC that asks for items, more nitrate powder spawn, should be able to combine steel and iron and that's about it.

I love this game. One thing that would be great is the ability to quick move items from the backpack to a storage container and vice versa, and the auto-sort feature trader 7 days to die xbox one split screen be nice.

Another thing that would be nice is a mini map that could be displayed in the corner of the screen. Can't wait for Trader Joels to be introduced, they are already in the works with that on the PC.

A targeting aid would be helpful since aiming a ranged weapon can be quite tricky. Please please please give us some new stuff.

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Microsoft has finally confirmed that Xbox fans' worst fears are at least partially true: Although the new Xbox One gaming console won't need an always-on internet connection, that connection had better be on pretty often or you can forget about gaming.

And don't assume you'll be able to sell or trade your old games, either. May not be fully remimbursed by government-free healthcare. Failure to medicate regularly is highly correlated with suicide. Please talk to your government-regulated MD about problems and counter-indications. Do not be alarmed. Assuming the average game is 15GB, that's at least 30 games installed to HDD before you have to consider rotation.

That's adequate for the vast majority of people. And I expect a 1TB model will be out soon enough My fav was their utterly fake, staged "discussion" with that other clown, NFL Commissioner, both sitting in a cutaway shot with their socks out under the khaki pants, with those butt-ugly, utterly distasteful lame "business" shoes I've 3 xbox consoles in the house, mine and two kids all linked via xbox family account. So we won't be buying ANY console which does not allow us to swap games between consoles in the same house.

Or alternatively, buy a games machine that doesn't have a built in camera and microphone and demand you tell Microsoft who you and your contacts are before allowing you to fire it up, or even pass a disk around. The XBOX has a massive user base, is cheap as chips to to produce, is powerful enough and developers know it inside out. Gonna stick with it for the forseeable future!

Unfortunately, people won't be developing for the much past the release of the Xbox One, for the same reason nobody makes PS2 games any more. I think its different this time. I remember how things quickly moved on from the PS2 in terms of game development. However people were still buying PS2's for GTA and many other games until long after, especially as the prices dropped.

In the case of the , I think they're going to continue to sell well after the launch of the new box. Here's some reasons why I don't see the AdBox1 being adopted as quickly as the was. It will be substantially more expensive with Kinect. The latter is a gimmick that has yet to prove itself.

I haven't found anyone here who can tell me how it adds value to the user experience in any of the titles listed below for instance. I believe that Microsoft will be competing with itself. Memory isn't a problem as you can reuse old USB memory keys. Second-hand games are cheap and easy to come by. But crucially the 4GB can play all the latest games.

In addition, there are privacy and connectivity issues and data collection fatigue is setting in. A lot of people will sit on the sidelines and see how this plays out. But there are no such concerns with the How nice for you! Now listen up MS! My circle want the best Local Offline Multiplayer gaming experience. Forget Xbox Live, its expensive and you can't play User-Maps.

Many rival the built-in maps in more recent versions of COD Moreover, stop making assumptions about what everyone wants. You remember Metro, right? Did the same Focus Groups tell you that everyone loves Xbox-Live?

Its simply not true! Playing strangers is not as much fun as playing against close friends in the same room. The latter is quite social and connected! But there's no money in that for you is there? And what about network latency LAG and controller differences that make online gaming a mixed experience at best? Lastly, we don't want enforced patches and updates when all we have is 5 mins to play before catching a bus.

With the direction this is going it may actually reboot the PC sector. Because gamers like us will buy high-end PC tech in order to wriggle back control. It won't solve the 2nd hand game issue as Valve blocks that market too, but at least we can control what we see and when updates are done.

This is a positive? Surely it can only lead to inconsistent and varied gaming experiences by region and class of broadband? Until maybe we're all on fibre in decades to come or we all move to the USA! But without fibre how long will it take to download these games? Not sure the cloud offers all that much of an advantage here unless you've lightening fast broadband, which most of us don't have.

For my money this has to be the lamest assurance ever. I've had regular day outages with building and road work in my area for the past two years. I can't imagine I'm all alone on that. While we're at it, I hope they improve the tray door opening system. If a person or pet brushes past my it triggers the tray door and the game aborts.

Anyone know a fix? We don't want phone home tracking of our TV viewing habits! It will only lead to being bombarded with highly targeted invasive ads which get in the way of gaming. So stick your Ad-Box-One plans!

Christ we need a privacy backlash of omnipotent proportions to break this kind of trend, where companies routinely think its ok to track you to death-- sorry-- I mean connect the world into being more social. Jesus, euphemisms that advertisers have hijacked, eh? Sure its great you can buy digital games, BUT what happens if your internet goes down for a few days? Well I guess what is needed is a HTPC but designed for gaming, and a decent range of accessories, such as wii controllers etc Personally none of these things are an issue for me but I am sure for many out there they are, makes me laugh at the Shite that people come up with though.

I want to see what Sony has to say and I am going to laugh if they are taking the same stance which I expect them to PS4 seems strangely elusive though dont you think? I'll just have to console har myself with the mph model aircraft that's sat in the shed begging me to make a new crater with it. Or maybe the palm-size quadcopter. All are toys that cost less than an Xbox with no games, and provide vastly more amusement with no risk of spyware. I can sell 'em on when I'm bored with them or running out of space, too.

There's a couple of people who have some nice five-foot-wingspan four-channel trainer airframes thanks to me that'll be the Arising Star and Tutor Built like tanks, tend to hit the floor and bounce, unlike your average games console. I guess you aren't aware that the PS4 can be completely offline with no need to phone home.

And it came from Yoshida himself. Yep, you can have a whole 10 games on your Xbox One, less if you use it for it's primary purpose of being a STB I think you are thinking of the PS3 where whole games gave to be copied to disk because the included Poo Ray drive is so slow It seems to me a non gamer for sure that the suits at Microsoft really DON'T understand their audience. They seem "to know what is best" for everyone and think that the public "should be thankful" for their technology.

This attitude has detrimental effects on the population as a whole. They really don't trust the manufacturer and will probably vote with their pocketbooks. The net result is that a big financial rag Forbes is predicting that if Sony's PS4 does things "right" it might win the console war "by default". It could come to pass that Microsoft will come out with Xbox One.

The more likely event is that they will force a touch-screen interface on the FPS gaming community which ought to be good for a laugh! Reminds me of the line: And like God, you'll take what you're given and be grateful" Between the latest Sim City that was always on and lied about the ability that a hacker found for offline play, and the failure of Diablo 3 which I wouldn't buy because it need also to be on I guess MS didn't learn a thing.

I also like a lot of gamers aren't into MMO's at all and would rather play against the computer like Diablo 2 which I played for several hundred hours. Forget about customer is always right. Today its more like the shareholder or the investor is always right. Today customers are ten a penny but investrs are a lot harder to find. The focus today is how to keep them happy and well lets face it, who cares about end user.

For a manufacturer the chain of parasitic feeders is so large that they never meerlt the end user face to face. Such is the perils of making money out of thin air and imaginative value added by publishing houses and distribution cartels. So piss and shit on little guys we are but a money cows. Fuck off Xbox 1, PS4 and the like.