6% Commission split between a referring agent, selling agent and listing agent in Michigan

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The Lehman Formulaalso known as the Lehman Scaleis a formula to define the compensation a bank or finder should receive when arranging for and handling a large underwriting or stock brokerage transfer transaction for a client. The formula usually applies to the entire value of the stock.

The Lehman formula was originally used by investment banks and individual or corporate "finders" for the raising of capital for a business, either in public offerings or private placements, payable by the vendor s trade broker commission split formulas the business once the funds have cleared. It usually deals with amounts greater than one million dollars. Today, the original formula remains in use in limited situations with so-called "finders" - individuals not firmswho introduce relationships but otherwise do not have any execution, distribution, legal, analytic, or administrative role in the execution of a deal.

The formula was first developed in the early s by the Lehman Brothersfor underwriting and capital trade broker commission split formulas services. Before this, the charge would vary wildly from institution to institution. The Lehman Brothers created a formula to apply to the dollars in terms of total capital of a transaction, rather than a larger share of equity dollars.

The Lehman Formula was used when a large stock investment transaction is made with an investment bank or institutional broker and for private asset transactions. It also began to be used for finders who would arrange for the parties to an acquisition of private placement. It is generally trade broker commission split formulas in two different ways, either counting each million dollars of value separately, or all at one time. The MDA method is the original formula, and applies each percentage to its own bracket.

The MDA tends to generate the highest fees, and is usually used when the transaction is under 4 million, to generate the most money. The TVA basically applies the percentage fee that fits the highest dollar value.

One problem with the Lehman Formula is inflation. A five trade broker commission split formulas dollar trade broker commission split formulas was more significant when the formula was designed in the s, but today it is considered small by most large banks.

However, rather than indexing the formula for inflation, most investment services ended up making adjustments to the formula to provide fee protection for the first few million dollars of transaction value.

An occasional variant used in the s was the Double Lehman formula, which doubled the percentages but skipped odd numbers. Under this variation - not to be confused with the Double Lehman - both the percentages and the scale were adjusted, instead of the percentages only.

Despite Modern Lehman being the most common form in use, this does not mean that rates are not still negotiated on a case by case. In addition, some companies increasingly run transactions in-house. The most notable example was the Google IPO, trade broker commission split formulas Google performed the analytic, execution and structuring requirements, used a Dutch Auction for pricing, and banks for their distribution network.

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Alexandra Reed Lajoux, J. Fred John Fred Weston. Enron and the Wall Street analysts. United States Congress U.

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