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Wed Apr 4 Tokyo: February edited February in Commercial Marketplace. Hi people We are group of traders who are skype binary signals binary option programs Binary Options using a common system, rules and money management on Skype. The group is nearly 2 years old and after the success it was decided to increase the available slots.

So please see below a video explaining all details and please if anyone is interested please pm. We are not signal sellers or any other system claiming holy grails and stuff. The group is consisted from real traders, hard work, education and most important real people. Look if you guys want to promote a group in here fine. We simply want a honest transparent 3rd party point of view. Hi Thanks but any tests are not allowed for obvious reasons.

And you cannot blame all dog breeds if one dog bites someone. So for m being from Cyprus doesn't mean anything. February edited February We have spoken on numerous times.

And If I recall correctly I have helped and shared with you alot of things in the past. And we know each other even before that from previous forums like BOD. I do believe that there is no need to prove our system as you have known of us for the past more than 2 years.

As you know we have helped numerous people in this industry putting systems together this includes the Vc with COG that is discussed here that was started by us and developed by us in BOD.

So respectively I think you do not need to take our system for a test drive as you have seen it, you have seen peoples attempts to copy it but not succeeding. George is a member not an owner or admin.

He wanted to share what he feels is a good addition to other people. I think its fair to afford him this as this is a forum for the public. Lotz you have me on skype if you have any concerns please feel free to contact me. This is not the place to market ok. Maybe instead of trying sell your system you might wish to learn to use it yourselves!

You no talent dolts. The reason many market is because they can't trade for themselves. That is called HYPE bs marketing and worse you might have did this on purpose if I think logically to lose the sheeples money.

Go fool people who don't have brains, as far as I am concerned you are untalented scammers. Try to market that crap again here and I will start banning you guys Lol Lotz, First off I think you need to get your facts right. Forex MAfia was owned by us. Also Any money lost was paid back to all members. We where in that group but neither myself or partner traded or lost any members money of that group.

As you where not part of that group I do not know where you get your facts from but you are clearly mislead. Further for a guy that sold a system that no longer exist you have a rather big mouth. If you like I could post your system here for review.

Then we see who sells bullshit. If he has a problem again he may contact me in Skype. As for your vulgar language it shows your maturity in dealing with things and leaves me wondering how a person like you is put in a mod position. And I guess I will get banned for this but at the end of the day its the truth. I will ask this member not to share his opinion here. You are clearly a racist, daddy issue child. That has accomplished nothing other than shooting his mouth off.

We are the most hated by you system sellers because our system is the only system that has stood through every market when yours clearly fail. Thank you for your time.

So going forward again I will ask my member to refrain from posting. We where prepared to prove a point by running it in skype binary signals binary option programs live chat but I skype binary signals binary option programs see the need when people disrespect people based on their geographical location and fither more adress people in such a vulgar manner instead of skype binary signals binary option programs the rules set down by the site owner.

Have a nice day. All a smoke screen you simply have nothing worthwhile to sell and create a smoke screen by trying to turn it around on me? Seriously you think that skype binary signals binary option programs going to fly?

You and the guys with the magic yellow arrows are a skype binary signals binary option programs to me. Real trading requires skill far beyond what your skype binary signals binary option programs brains can produce. Bryan skype binary signals binary option programs wanted to ban you I am like no I want to play! So you should thank me instead for even listening to you haha Do you want to know why people find value charts useful by the way for mean reversion trading? Do you even know the psychological reasoning behind the indicators you use?

If you think you can show live skype binary signals binary option programs and promote your system with screen sharing like me and Bryan, feel free because I doubt you would even attempt it. I would so allow you to, unless you wish skype binary signals binary option programs try to charge us and make us sign disclosure agreements lol. I would trade head to head with live screens against any of you turkeys real time with recording it for a future video by me lol.

I have nothing to sell and any vendor that thinks they are all that can trade live vs me in the chatroom with skype binary signals binary option programs sharing to prove it. I am all for people promoting just show me proof that you are not retarded and have something others would find useful.

July edited July FREE sounds good to me lol. To trade vs anybody would be free I just wanted to show that most can't trade skype binary signals binary option programs and mostly the mouthy marketers are the ones skype binary signals binary option programs can't. I can and do it live with screen sharing. No takers gee go figure Would make a great video though!

Why not just tradeinstead over the past however many years people are hell bent on selling something or other. It gives you great money management and stops you losing ,and i agree its a great tool ,is it worth anything? How the heck are people falling for free things. And on other sites you pay for it? I think people need to take a little time and realise that what were receiving on here is out the goodness of all the decent traders hearts.

If that wasnt enough there offering yous to do a trade of with them. Allowing yous to sell your product. But because yous were in such a group use think yous get a pass go card. No live trading skype binary signals binary option programs prove yourself.

September edited September That way you can see the full statistics of what I am speaking off instead of my just mouthing off. Real trading is often very dull and its really more about good money management and discipline then anything. Last week Skype binary signals binary option programs was a bit in the red sucked for me had like a handful of trades spent hours not getting paid saying "that sucks oh that sucks oh yeah can't trade that.

If the conditions were reversed I would have traded more and used more leverage based on the information I was being given by the market. For me i find days where its just like "mehhh" and even tho you try and stick to money management and no its a crappy day sometimes you just say i will still give it a goeven tho you no its allot of crap. And this is another thing that pisses me of ,and i understand why real traders get pissed of with is the fact that anyone who does trade has to sit in front of charts all day long.

And people find it boring well i say if you find it boring then its not for youdont go looking for something thats going to trade for you.

The fella i deal with one of his customers said he has not got time to load charts and watch so he wants something that will pic the trade and place it for him ,my guy made it for him but in my eyes i hope it fails because thats just totally lazy ,i think people need to watch more of bryans videos.

Do you have a job? Its alll adding up and helping towards the future of your trading life. Im gibbering on now. I think people get my drift. If not i understand ,im scottish i do gibber piss. Phuck that I don't care if its boring or not I have to get paid my GF is expensive! As are my hobbies. All women are expensive What i skype binary signals binary option programs funny is she will do the washing and the drum roll comes Ule never guess what i found. Like someone else had put it there and she found it.

She will then spend it thinking its a ok as she "found it". And spending money on the kids "doesn't count" oh right.

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