PLOT3D file format

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In computational plot 3d format binary trading dynamicsthe PLOT3D file format is a standard file format used for storing grid and results data. It can only store a structured grid. The structured grid allows random accessthat is by knowing the block number, i location, j location, and k location, any grid point value or result value may be extracted. Additionally, given the location of any value, the block number, i location, j location, and k location may be determined.

This makes it simple to iterate through a series of volumetric elements and calculate all required properties for the purpose of a CFD analysis. The most basic format includes two different plot 3d format binary trading, a grid file G-file and a solution file Q-file.

The filename extensions used vary, though. Grid files may use. The grid file contains the coordinates of the solution grid, while the solution file contains information typical of a CFD solution, flow density, flow momentum a vectorand flow energy. There are also multiblock and unstructured extensions to the format, so it is often unclear how a particular set of nominally PLOT3D-format files is formatted on the binary level without referring to the software that created them.

The binary format will be implementation and machine dependent. A multiblock, 3 dimensional Q file begins with a single integer for the number of blocks M on its own line.

The next M lines contain three integers for each of the blocks, which give the ijand k dimension sizes for each block. The M blocks are read in next. Each block begins with a line containing four floating-point values, the freestream Mach numberthe freestream angle of attack, the freestream Reynolds numberand the time. The rest of the block contains the values iterated over ijkm block indexand the outermost nwhich counts through 5 sections, the density, the 3 components of the momentum, and finally the energy.

A multiblock, 3 dimensional plot 3d format binary trading file begins with a single integer for the number of blocks M on its own line. Each block contains a coordinate value iterated over ijkplot 3d format binary trading then the three coordinates, xyand z. Additionally, the format may be simplified such that only a two-dimensional problem is analyzed or the iBlank parameter is omitted. The iBlank parameter indicates whether plot 3d format binary trading not the cell is a physical or non-physical cell.

For example, if two PLOT3D grids are intersected, one of an aircraft fuselageand the other of an aircraft wingthere are internal cells that should not be analyzed. These are iBlank' ed cells and have a value of 0. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Additional files may be present containing different kinds of ancillary data. Retrieved 26 May Retrieved from " https: Computational fluid dynamics Computer file formats.

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