Why you should visit Melaka, Malaysia

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After about a 2-hour drive, we arrived. We ate lunch in a restaurant which featured Baba food. This is a delicious mix of Malay and Chinese food.

The Chinese intermarried with the indigenous population to create the Baba culture. When the Chinese migrate to most of the rest of the world they keep to themselves. I wondered why here it was different? Melaka, as it is now referred to, is a sleepy modern city of about , It reminded me a lot of Santa Barbara, where we come from.

It is about the same population with very little high rise, especially compared to Kuala Lumpur. Like Santa Barbara, it seemed tourist oriented with lots of opportunities to shop. There were also brightly decorated bicycle-cabs for two, everywhere, and all adorned with artificial flowers. Everyone was very polite and friendly. No one seemed rushed or pushy at all. If anything the Melakans seemed a bit slow paced. Negotiations were very mellow, with the vendors many times taking our lowest bid and sometimes taking even less to be convenient.

Quite different from Bangkok. Our first stop was an out door market, like they have all over the world - from Thailand to the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. Meet me on the other side of the hill in about an hour. Not knowing what to expect we strolled around the marketplace and then over the hill. On top of this small rise we were surprised to find Christian ruins, the ruins of St.

By this time we had seen the Batu caves, the Chinese temple, and the Muslim mosque, indicating vital thriving communities of Hindus, Chinese, and Moslems in Malaysia. Here we find the bare crumbling walls of an old Catholic Church built over years ago by the Portuguese. No local Christian community has maintained it. Indeed there was no visible European presence here despite the fact that Malacca had been run by European powers continuously for over years, from to , when liberation was achieved.

In some ways St. Set up on a hill - to view the surrounding countryside in case of attack. Not set within the city, but on top. It also reminded me of the Norman castle we saw in Carlisle, England - a fortress with thick walls to withstand an onslaught - no frills - just thick tall walls.

But here just the crumbling walls were left. Danna then dropped us off at the entrance to Antique Street. At the entrance to this quaint area filled with shops was another representation of my Monkey, this time about double life size. Inside a dusty crowded shop were some old gentlemen of unidentifiable nationality - maybe some mix of Chinese, European, and Malay. After I had looked awhile at a big catalogue of coins, I got stuck on a coin that was supposedly minted in the late s.

Perhaps you would like a coin from each. Me, thinking to myself: I wonder what they stand for? Which coin would you like? Maybe a coin from every era. I can offer you a deal. Maybe ringgits for all four.

Not bothering to negotiate because the price was so reasonable, I handed him 50 ringgits. I just wanted a souvenir, not an investment. I apologized profusely and backed away. Not to be denied a sale from an interested customer on a slow day, Vendor: But I have lots of coins; you have money and you want my coins. Somewhat befuddled by this time, I settled for the Dutch coin for 50 ringgits although it was listed at I was happy that I had negotiated such a good deal.

He was happy that a sale had been made. We had reached an appropriate balance. But now my interest was piqued. None of the guides had mentioned the sultanate. What was this all about? When we had returned to the van, Me: The quiet tourist town feel of Melaka certainly belies its past history as the busiest port in the world. How did this sleepy little town become an international port visited by traders, businessmen and sailors of all nationalities?

And what happened to transform it back to its present condition? And what about this Sultanate? Why did everyone want to conquer Malacca? I must do some research when I get home. Malacca - Ancient trading port Chapters Previous Next.