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Thanks for the great theme. I have installed and use Gravity Forms on my site. Can you please assist and let me know what Customs CSS I should add to make the comment boxes appear? So for example, if I have a question on my gravity form that of_get_option a person to respond in a text box or paragraph text box, the box does not have any visible borders in this theme.

I think of_get_option may need to advise people that SimpleCorp does not work with Gravity Forms which is one of the leading form plugins available and I of_get_option quite important for people to know. Can you pls deactivate for a while the plugin that minifies the css file? Need to inspect the code and see what and where is overwritten for forms. I also have Cloudflare running so hope that will not cause any issues.

OK, so first of all of_get_option you download the latest version of the theme, look at header. Gabi here is the text in of_get_option newly updated theme header. Can you please make the change you are saying needs to be of_get_option then send it to me again?

You can also remove the code you got from GF guy, and all the inputs should be ok too. Viewing of_get_option posts of_get_option 1 through 15 of 39 total. October 29, at Hi there, Thanks for the great theme. Of_get_option thanks in advance!

October of_get_option, at 2: Of_get_option post a link for preview so we can see what is happening wrong and how can be fixed. Hi Gabi, Here is a page which of_get_option a form on it. As you can of_get_option the boxes to input content are invisible. October 29, at 9: October 31, at Gabi can of_get_option provide feedback? For your information one of the admins at Gravity Forms said this: Ok, theme is fully updated.

The form still displays as before. October 31, at 1: October 31, of_get_option 2: Yeap, my fault of_get_option. I just reviewed it. So, of_get_option fix is as follows: You must be logged in to reply to this topic.

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So I finally got around to installing WordPress; all seemed fine until I deployed to my live server and tried to log into the Admin panel. After doing so, I hit the following error:. After doing some research, it seems like a lot of folks have hit this problem.

Googling the error surfaced 2 common fixes:. Neither of those worked for me, but after suspecting the issue had something to do with php 5. So, it turns out that my issue was due to having php 5.

After setting this APC directive in my apc. Hopefully this saves someone the hours of research, debugging, and frustration that I went through! Mine is listed in a section titled Additional. I had enabled this admittedly experimental APC feature for performance reasons, without realising it breaks WordPress. Thanks so much for providing this solution. This had me puzzled for ages.

Finally my blog is working again! Man — thanks for this….. Your email address will not be published. After doing so, I hit the following error: Googling the error surfaced 2 common fixes: This entry was posted in General. February 6, at 2: Finally solved my problem. Only spent a couple hours trying to solve it.

July 11, at 3: June 13, at 2: It seems to be very particular bug. October 14, at 8: October 20, at November 28, at 5: December 15, at 8: Please tell me where this file is located? December 16, at 7: Hey Shahzad, You can try 2 options: December 16, at 9: April 19, at 3: I removed that php. December 20, at 2: December 20, at 4: January 3, at 4: April 27, at 5: May 17, at Prisma Try Laksana says: April 14, at Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.