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Kristian Nielsen Fri, 21 Oct Skip to site navigation Press enter. The author is probably the best to answer, but I can tell what I log_bin_compress_min_len from reviewing the patch: This would result in higher overhead log_bin_compress_min_len each event. There is a fixed header to each event, which cannot be compressed without significantly more changes to the code, at least. Thus, a single event encapsulating another full compressed event would require log_bin_compress_min_len headers, one uncompressed and one compresed.

There might be other pros and cons to each method, this was just what log_bin_compress_min_len to me. The current patch has reserved three bits for the compression method. Thus, it would be possible in the future to add more compression types up to a maximum of 8, log_bin_compress_min_len least. Actually, it would be good if the code log_bin_compress_min_len check the compression type and fail if it is unknown.

This will help get proper errors on old slaves if log_bin_compress_min_len compression types are added in the future. This is not in the current patch, but it could be added easily log_bin_compress_min_len. That's basically how the patch is written.

Log_bin_compress_min_len any case, the patch at hand is based log_bin_compress_min_len individually compressed events. Even with individual event types, the patch is nice and clean and leaves much of log_bin_compress_min_len existing logic unchanged. My guess is that this will primarily be log_bin_compress_min_len for row-based binlogging, where reasonable compression rates can be expected in many cases where row-based binlogging has particularly high overhead compared to statement-based.

Per-event compression is in any case log_bin_compress_min_len limited use log_bin_compress_min_len events that are small log_bin_compress_min_len size. Previous message View by thread Log_bin_compress_min_len by date Next message.

Reply via log_bin_compress_min_len to. The Mail Archive home maria-developers - all messages maria-developers - about the list Log_bin_compress_min_len Previous message Next message.

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