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I see you have NEO onboard he is a very good trader. I would look for him to take the LEAD there in the future btw I cancelled my subscription with Legendary after that. Fri Apr 6 Tokyo: Screen shot at 7. Lotz, Regarding Legendary VorteXz is simply a mentor to Legendary and have a legally binding statement agreement from Legendary that VorteXz no longer has access.

When we discovered VorteXz was involved, we were put in a really hard place. In fact, we disabled the service and signups while we talked to our users and decided what to do and this was at the highest point of his performance so just disabling the service was costly but it was what we had to do. Our users, in the end, decided that they wanted the service to stick around. Some users like high frequency services as it helps them get free bonus cash from the platforms.

Anyways, here are a few quotes from the clients in their skype room: I also hope Legendary is clean. Thank you for being so protective of your customers.

They don't have to subscribe, or if they choosr to they have all of the protective options you have built in. You get complaints about many of the traders. Earlier today we discovered that a prior SignalPush provider has been involved in the Legendary Traders service. This prior provider was banned from SignalPush after continuously breaking their own rules, exhibiting destructive behavior, and receiving numerous client complaints.

Over the past 6 months we have blocked 4 separate attempts of theirs to come back under a separate identity and open a new service. Those of you who have been SignalPush customers for a while may recognize the name, VorteXz. It was brought to our attention this morning that someone had reason to believe that VorteXz was involved in the Legendary Traders service and in order to protect our customers, we launched a full-scale investigation into the matter, immediately suspending all access to send signals for their service.

We uncovered many pieces of proof that shows he is in fact involved. After approaching Legendary with the situation, they admitted that they have been receiving mentoring from VorteXz and allowing them to send signals using their account.

They have signed a legally binding agreement with us stating that they will change all of their access information, not give the new information to anyone else, and will no longer allow VorteXz to send signals under their name.

They also understand that they are the only one permitted to send signals for their service. Since they are receiving mentoring from VorteXz, we have adjusted their service description to add that disclaimer. Due to the temporary pause in the service less than 12hrs and the fact that many customers who were affected by the VorteXz service no longer wish to have anything to do with him: All users who have an active subscription will receive a free 1 day extension 2.

Any user who no longer wishes to be involved with the Legendary Service due to this situation can request a full refund. This refund must be requested within 48hrs of this message by emailing support signalpush. And here are some quotes from the users in their skype after the latest "trade blast": I really want to earn your trust back and I realize that today didn't look trustworthy" Now, that all said, if Legendary does not stick to their word and this happens again, they are out, no questions asked.

Regardless of if we have users begging us to keep them around. I can promise you that! While we provide users protective features like "balance stops" and the ability to turn the copier off, we are investigating some safe ways to limit providers themselves. For instance, a provider has to been approved for a certain trade frequency, anything else will be rejected. We will have more info on that in the future. We are also working on additional stats on providers, like max drawdown.

Now, a final word In an effort to find a platform that not only payed out but that was technically sound, we polled our users and the relationship with Panda software behind CT was born. We do not have a relationship directly with CT but with Panda and they are the go-between for any issues. They have promised us that our customers will be taken care of and so far they have been.

If CT was to mess around with any users, they will have both SP and Panda breathing down their necks. November edited December Wow don't know why you did not go into politics, amazingly very detailed but of course I would no likely believe you then I would "Norbert the German Banker" but thanks for the attempt to convey your point of view. Seems like a DUCK to me November edited November The providers get NOTHING from an affiliate signup unless of course the user decides to get free signals from them and then in that case they get whatever they would of normally had the customer paid.

Our clients are VERY aware that we get paid as an affiliate when they use our links, in fact, users specifically ask us for help to make sure they are under our link so that they get credit and get free signals. It's strict in our provider agreements that the providers cannot profit from client losses or trading volume.

So no, Legendary is not profiting in the slightest from it. You want my opinion why they do the volume? It's our stupid leaderboard! We've seen it way to much where a provider uses martingale incorrectly just in order to get to the top of the leaderboard.

Rejects Yes, clients get rejects occasionally. Some more than others. On Marketsworld, a lot of it has to do with having a properly configured VPS since each request has an attached timestamp to it. If the timestamp is too far off, it rejects.

On StockPair, you need to get the request to STP as quick as possible as we've started to notice SOME accounts get limited as to how much slippage they will allow before they reject. In the end, the clients performance and the providers performance is pretty darn close since the random rejects will be both winners and losers. Had one client miss all of the crazy legendary losers and got all of the winners. Especially without using a balance stop. If those clients had bothered to look at the performance before signing up, they would of seen they would of been wiped several times.

I don't know of any system that can safely support that level of MM. Anyway its ok to use a high risk strat as long as you take into account the high likelyhood of instead of making alot you blow the lot.

All noted below in that article Which is why if we see that activity from Legendary again, he is banned just like VorteXz. I am considering using Legendary but I'm skeptical about them with the high percentages of Martingales they've used in the past few months. I started with DolphinOptions on the Marketsworld platform in August and stopped using them about a month ago. Any recommendations on a good provider on Signalpush.

I love Signalpush and would love to return. I have to say they have been doing a good job the past few months. January edited January That is where the separation point of a great trader is from a good trader is. The ability to control their losses as winning takes care of itself VorteXz or who ever this is still has to learn self control it seems.

This means they will try to out trade a bad streak which might end you even if you are using low leverage. That is the risk you take when you let others trade on your behalf, you shall get their results. Just hope they don't have a psychotic breakdown with your money!

I said "at a certain point". The "V" is with martingale. If you really want to count that martingales like that, then sure, it was It's almost double what the provider uses. Always, always, always, look fully through the performance of a provider and figure out your MM needed to be able to withstand their worst streak.

If it's happened once, it could always happen again. Sign In or Register to comment. Who's Online 1 1 Guest.

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