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German Ramirez holds a B. Upon graduation he joined Lumni, a company that manages investment funds to finance low-income students through Income-Share Agreements ISAs. This change allowed them to price ISAs more efficiently. Moreover, German led a team of engineers to integrate the pricing algorithm with the students' application platform, making the pricing process fully automated and scalable.

In order to broaden his knowledge in finance and macroeconomics, German joined the Central Bank of Colombia. To do so, he developed tools to measure credit risk and jiesheng trading options identify issuers with deficient credit capacity. In addition, he managed the relationship with external managers from the most competitive firms in the industry. German is a CFA charter holder since In his spare time, German enjoys playing tennis and running.

Achuthan Sekar graduated with a Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering from IIT Madras where he got solid training in probability, statistics and time series analysis.

His internship in summer of with the rates quantitative strategy team at Jiesheng trading options Bank in Mumbai gave him a foray into the exciting world of finance and investments.

During the internship, Achuthan worked on implementing and back testing a trading strategy based on digital signal processing applications to USD rates futures.

The project aimed to identify business cycles using Fourier and Wavelet transforms. After his internship, Achuthan decided to pursue his interest in finance and accepted the pre placement jiesheng trading options he got from Deutsche bank.

As a part of his job, Achuthan priced credit default swaps, credit linked swaps, enhanced repos, researched and identified potential relative value trades in the region, optimally hedged various risks in the portfolio, performed scenario analysis on exposures to distressed credit names and participated in balance sheet compression activities. In his spare time, Achuthan likes to play and watch tennis, sing and listen to music, read and travel.

During his undergraduate studies, he undertook projects in subfields of stochastic processes and optimization techniques and subsequently authored two publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Manas previously worked as a quantitative researcher at iRageCapital Mumbai with the key responsibility of developing sub-millisecond market making strategies for options.

He researched and implemented signals based on the jiesheng trading options of Hayashi Yoshida nonsynchronous estimator lead-lag and Hawkes process order-book.

He also worked as a remote global alpha researcher at Trexquant Investment NY where he developed medium frequency statistical arbitrage alphas for trading global equities.

He studied research papers and analyzed wide range of datasets to devise systematic signals based on concepts of post-coincidence comovements, continuous-discontinuous beta, up-down volatility.

Manas looks forward to opportunities in the data science and fin-tech industry. Jie Sheng received her bachelor degree in quantitative finance jiesheng trading options the National University of Singapore. During her undergraduate studies, she developed further jiesheng trading options in mathematics, programming and finance.

Her final year project was focused on game theory specialized in optimal salary jiesheng trading options problem. Combining Monte Carlo simulation and mathematical deduction, her project provided assessment on various bargaining strategies. By providing daily pricing support, her experience also supported her study of the impact of market news on various asset jiesheng trading options including fixed income, forex and structured products.

Jie Sheng led several process jiesheng trading options projects which improved working flow efficiency and enhanced data quality control. She was also an active member in DBS's finance social committee and promoted fun spirit at work. Jiesheng trading options her spare time, she enjoys working out, photography, travel and reading.

At IIM Bangalore, Amneet authored research papers involving, among others, pricing of exotic derivative structures and financial time series analysis, that were selected for presentation at academic conferences in the US and Greece. Amneet worked for more than 5 years' across diverse Sales and Trading roles. Prior to gaining experience in financial markets, he worked as a software programmer with Accenture on data warehousing projects. While working as an interest rate trader, Amneet extensively leveraged his programming experience and developed systemic jiesheng trading options factor trading models that integrated sentiment, market positioning and technical analysis to generate economically significant trading signals.

He further authored research papers outlining systemic trading strategies leveraging on machine learning techniques such as artificial neural networks and jiesheng trading options component analysis.

Previously, he worked on an 8-month project with ENGIE French multinational electric utility company where he focused on a forecast model of the energy consumption in the US using Time-Series and Econometrics techniques.

Implemented in R; these estimations were then used for the climate change correction. His team was in charge of the development of systematic investment strategies for any type of packaging. Mathieu worked on a jiesheng trading options of projects using Python as implementation of strategies, replication of indexes, statistical analysis, model calibration and development of optimization tools. He also developed a portfolio optimization model using Equally Risk Contributions methods on Smart Beta factors.

With five of his peers, he also founded an Investment Club in which they managed a portfolio following a strategic asset allocation. Mathieu is presently working on an academic project within the MFE in collaboration with Orbis Asset Management on strategy analysis and optimization of contemplated strategies. In his spare time, he enjoys all kind of sports, especially jiesheng trading options and track and field. He also likes the acting, and has had acting classes for four years at the French Conservatoire.

Qiyi Song graduated with a B. During her undergraduate studies, she developed sound analytical and quantitative skills through rigorous coursework and research experience. Prior to joining the Berkeley MFE Program, Qiyi worked as an analyst jiesheng trading options at Greysteel, a commercial real estate firm, where she conducted transactional analysis on Los Angeles's real estate industry and participated in property valuation. In jiesheng trading options, Qiyi gained experience in investment management through her internship at China Galaxy Securities, where she assessed fixed income products' credit risk and interest risk.

In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, snorkeling and hiking. Qingyao Patrick Sun received his undergraduate and master's degree in Mathematics from the University of Oxford. He is well versed in areas of applied mathematics such as partial differential equations, numerical methods, derivatives pricing, probability and statistics as well as the pure aspect of the subject, including linear algebra and measure theory.

Through years of rigorous training, he has acquired a logical mindset and the ability to systematically tackle convoluted problems by breaking them into smaller and more tractable ones. Prior to joining the Berkeley MFE program, Patrick applied his mathematical toolbox to the credit risk modeling sector through an internship at The Bank of East Asia's risk strategy and governance department in Jiesheng trading options Kong.

Subsequently he conducted research and analysis on the significance of the new rating methodologies, by collecting the relevant rating changes and programming various statistical tests for the data. Out of the classroom Patrick loves playing golf, swimming, weightlifting and badminton.

He has over eight years of experience delivering advanced analytical solutions for the Consumer Banking business of Citigroup with the responsibility of formulating, executing, implementing and tracking high priority analytical initiatives and leveraging advanced Machine Learning techniques.

Shravan has passed all three levels of the CFA exams. Upon graduation, Shravan plans to utilize his strong quantitative and problem-solving skills in quantitative finance or the Fintech industry.

In his spare time he enjoys listening to music, playing jiesheng trading options and table tennis. During his undergraduate studies, he developed solid quantitative and statistical analysis skills, strong programming skills and deep market insights. His research focused jumps in volatility in option pricing models and circuit breakers mechanism in the equity market. He also founded a club and ran his startup business. After graduation, Michael took his internship at Wealth Evolution Wealth Management as a quantitative researcher, where he developed strategies related to Funds of Funds FoF.

Jiesheng trading options his spare time, Michael enjoys tennis, basketball, and photography. He is an active member in volunteer associations. Following graduate school, Christopher joined the Capital Markets Company as a consultant in risk management. He conducted quantitative studies on hedge funds jiesheng trading options fund of hedge funds i. He was also actively involved in advisory mandates for major US pension funds on the Alternative Risk Premia topic. During this time, he created new and improved tools in VBA and used his quantitative skills in his work with the Lyxor portfolio managers.

He worked on portfolio construction using a variety of frameworks and scenario analysis while also incorporating mandate constraints. Prior to joining Lyxor, Christopher interned as a market risk analyst.

In his spare time, Christopher enjoys playing basketball and billiards, and traveling. Beyond the daily tasks which involved credit derivatives pricing, risk management, conception of new trading strategies as well as creation of analysis tools to understand and optimize the cash position of the Repo book, David jiesheng trading options worked on the development of an in-house trading platform for Repo Desk which facilitated more automated, faster trade execution.

During his spare time, he loves travelling. He is also fond of sports and regularly enjoys playing soccer and swimming. Since graduation, he's been in the solid-state lighting industry participating in the LED lighting revolution.

He has a proven track record of delivering technical innovations as individual contributor as well as driving a team of scientists and engineers in delivering greater impacts 30 issued USPTO patents so far and 13 peer reviewed journal publications.

Tony has been practicing stocks investment for about 9 years with various fundamental and technical analyses. Recently, he has developed jiesheng trading options strong interest in deep neural network based machine learning techniques and applying them into understanding financial markets.

Tony is proficient with Python in data analysis and rapid programming development TensorFlow for jiesheng trading options learningand deploying into AWS cloud for scalable high performance computing. Aside from work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two wonderful young kids. In his thesis, he worked on modelling thermal and vibration dynamics in machining using partial differential equations jiesheng trading options published three research papers through the effort.

Upon graduation, he worked on developing low latency algorithmic trading strategies for inter-exchange arbitrage and FX flow execution through liquidity aggregation. This equipped him with a thorough understanding of order book mechanics and trading system architecture.

Later on, at Citigroup Global Markets, as a part of the Market Quantitative Analysis team, he implemented and calibrated the market impact cost model for single stock, ETF, index and custom portfolio trading. Additionally, he developed investing style factor flow indices, helped develop tools for index tracking and inventory optimization and conducted market micro-structure research. In his spare time Cyrus loves playing table-tennis jiesheng trading options multi-player on line games.

Brian Vo received his bachelors degree from UC Berkeley with a major in computer science, where jiesheng trading options also cultivated a strong foundation in mathematics, probability and statistics, and finance. During his undergraduate studies, Brian won the first place grand prize in the Big Ideas at Berkeley project competition for his application of artificial intelligence and machine learning jiesheng trading options in prototyping a campus safety mobile application.

After graduation, he joined Goldman Sachs Asset Management in New York where he designed and implemented software solutions for the Fundamental Equities group. Specifically, he led development for a cutting edge proprietary trading and order management system used to manage over billion USD from both institutional and ultra high net worth clients.

He also contributed to a software platform that reconciles data from in-house and vendor sources in order to generate risk, performance, and flows reports delivered to portfolio managers, strategists, and clients. Jiesheng trading options his spare time, Brian enjoys powerlifting, dragon-boat, travelling, and reading about macroeconomic trends. Community Master of Financial Engineering Program. Qiyi Song Qiyi Song graduated with a B.

Brian Jiesheng trading options Brian Vo received his bachelors degree from UC Berkeley with a major in computer science, where he also cultivated a strong foundation in mathematics, probability and statistics, and finance.

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