Jetpackasaurus: Orion Prelude Footage

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CT unique style originated from SF4, his ken was really painful to tackle sometimes. Those matches were awesome! D I'd like to say so many thing but I don't wanna ruin it for anyone. Amazing games all around but the combo that was pulled off at that moment was fucking genius and something I'd never seen before! Keep your eyes out for it, guys Although I doubt you'd miss it. Good games with Sonic, Asad and Imran last night. Finally connected with Sonic after a long time and those cody matches were amazing bro.

I felt you were having some trouble against asads yun well yun is the worst matchup for cody anyday. You have to rely on your safe jump setupslp and mp pokes and that Standing hk is a great any dive kick move but can only be done if yun is at a specific distance.

Sorry for not dropping by on live last night sonici was so involved in Batman AC. Will try to come online today and guess what papa jee got a ps3 now too so he can join us on psn as well. Haha, good games Amir bhai, had a long session with Asad yesterday.

And yes, having really problem against his Yun, although you handled him pretty nicely. And secondly he has improved alot, his did some option jaxel trading options that i have never seen any other doing that. Also its about time we remove the Amir Liaquat signature. Speaking of next level, I played against coolsaad a couple of days back. His game has gotten way better. His Dudley had me cornered and scared. Secondly cody has no options against yuns dive kicks.

So try to keep your distance and use codys normals as a anti air for his dick kicks: As for the Option selects, well yea those special and ultra option selects can be quite handy at times. I am sure you were surprised jaxel trading options his crouching lk into ultra op select or cr lk into Ex Shoulder smash op select. They work superbly if your able to predict a players back dash or a random DP. Dude you were playing ssf4, where was i.

Would have been awesome to play against jaxel trading options sensei. Jaxel trading options i was rethinking on the idea which deso gave to post videos of your matches. Actually two matches of you winning and loosing. Gives a fare idea to other people how jaxel trading options handle a specific character and most importantly will add some spice to the thread. Thanks alot guys its all thanks to you all really everyone has helped me through the time i've started ssf4 and i couldn't ask for a better sparring partner amir bhai with our late night sessions until realising oh crap its 4am!

Oh aye baray loog. Dude just showed you the way, you walked through the door yourself and yea our late night session jaxel trading options playing ssf4 were and are really addictive. Good to see you here and keep on posting. Save up to get a new ps3. Jawad Dude did you give up on the Fight Stick or were you still glued to jaxel trading options Pad. I really hope you carry on with the Fight Stick. Believe me your going to thank me one day.

All Uc3 is out so taking a break jaxel trading options Ssf4. Yea saw that one standing Hk into crouching lp into rekka was just amazing. I have never seen that combo myself but was it on a counter hiti need to go through the video again i guess. Yeah i gaveup on fight stick for a while i wasn't getting enough practice and time.

Besides i was getting my ass handed not like i usually do but it was worse. I will get back on it as soon i'm done with Uncharted 3. Yea well time needs to be dedicated for the Jaxel trading options plus you will be able to do the most complex mvc combos on the stick jaxel trading options ease. Amir bhai, sure yaar jaxel trading options those videos, even if they're both of me losing!

It would be awesome fun to watch them. I never get to see how I play. Jaxel trading options be doing that soon enough just want to finish of some SP games. Cool that means you will be coming on Live. Had some good games against XRikudouX the other day. It pisses me off, it was A at first but later went to a C grade. Cause of this people don't play with me. I have jaxel trading options 3mb connection of Nayatel so my online play shouldn't be bad at all. Also some of the DLC costumes look awesome.

I was wondering if there's some jaxel trading options to get em, you know without paying? I have the PC version but there's no mod that unlocks em I think. Also is it possible to download em and play on a jtagged ? Thanks for your help warriors. I did not know thatwell played some games with jawad and asad last night after a session of Mvc. Jaxel trading options have heard lots of people here play cody nownames please apart from Saad ofcourse.

Do you play ssf4 on Pc only or any chance you will be coming on PSN. Always on a look for for new players to help this lil community we have here: I have a new query to make jaxel trading options and i hope stick users will help me out on this one as they usually do. First of all, how important are short cuts for inputs and do you guys use them?

Should i let go of the stick and get it to neutral middle and then start a inputting commands for shoryuken? You guys have probably have all these setups stored in your muscle memory, so my guess is that jaxel trading options guys don't even notice it.

For a newbie like me, jaxel trading options i start every command from a netural point or it dosent matter? I play akuma, and sometimes i am crouching and poking with lp, lp or mp, mp at the oppenent, since i am crouching while doing that i have to hold the stick downwards.

From there i want jaxel trading options ex round kick tatsu? Now for me that tatsu wont come out. If i let go of jaxel trading options the stick before inputting that command then akuma will stand up and il loose all the momentum. Now this is just one scenario. Any suggestion or tips? Well i don't use shortcuts they simply ruin your motion movement when you play other game but they can come quite handy sometimes. Well firstly i would suggest you practice how jaxel trading options quickly Dp with the F,DF-F motion for the shoryuken.

Okh now for your question there is a other way to do Shoryuken while crouching. Thus the game will regiser it as a df,df motion. Jaxel trading options may seem complicated but trust me with a hours practice you will be able to do it every single time. Sorry but me kid is like on my shoulders right now thus i cannot get into details but pm me or post jaxel trading options i will be happy to help you out bro. Short-cuts are, I think, important for some very high-level Option Selects something you shouldn't worrying about ATMand one more thing D What you've been told is incorrect.

DF, DF won't work cause that's only two inputs, you need at least three. This is a good short-cut to use for anti-airing because while you're crouching, your hitbox is much lower than when you're standing so it's more difficult not by much, but just a little: P for the opponent to hit you. Secondly, using this short-cut, you can make sure that you achieve full damage off of jaxel trading options anti-air DP, and do it all much more effectively.

For example, if you hit the jumping opponent with Akuma's DP while he's at the top of his arc, you'll connect only one hit and it won't do much damage; there is also a high chance of you trading this way because most invincible moves have the majority of their invincibility around start-up, and this is true for Akuma's DP.

In jaxel trading options, you can start crouching, wait for the opponent to be at the end of his jump arc, and then DP him.

Since you were crouching, this will make it harder for him to hit your; since you waited for him jaxel trading options be at the end of his jump arc where most people would execute their air attack and try to hit youyour DP will cleanly beat whatever attack your opponent will throw out because of the invincibility frames of your DP--which are at the start-up off your DP.

Now you know why that short-cut is important, and why it's better to DP while crouching, but it is not essential. In most cases, even a standing DP will scores all hits and cleanly beat any air attacks if timed correctly. So it's good to practice both, really. I use short-cuts, but I try not to rely on them too much because then your execution can get fucked up for other fighting games. MP xx EX Tatsu IDK, jaxel trading options, that should work. That's how everyone does it, in fact.

Try speeding it up. It's good to practice all your combos that start off with jaxel trading options attacks starting with when you're in the D position, AND practice them starting while you're in the DB position. Because sometimes, you want to throw out some pokes right after blocking, and if you're playing Akuma and want to cancel those pokes with jaxel trading options Tatsu, then if you jaxel trading options off your pokes while you're holding DB since you just got done blockingyou won't be able to get the LK Tatsu because it requires D, DB, B whereas in this case you'll only be able to pull off DB, D.

BTW, I notice you still haven't watched VesperArcade's tutorials despite most of us recommending them to you.

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