How to Program With Yii2: Rich Text Input With Redactor

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Cart Join our Community Sign In. Forums Search Advanced Search. Mark Discussion as Helpful Reply. It is what makes it stand out over Wordpress and Drupal. The ability to create a site that serves users across a wide range of skill levels - that makes creating and changing content really easy. Currently Redactor is missing features and is bare bones. Redactor features to add: So improvements to Redactor will come eventually. For those who would like imperavi redactor options trading see improvements come sooner.

This is where the community can come into play. We can pool skills to make plugins to add Redactor features. Take a few minutes to look over what is available in the API and their article on how to create a plugin. You will soon see imperavi redactor options trading we can add missing features and come up with some useful features that we never thought of before. How to create a Redactor plugin: Full list of shortcuts: Tab - Decrease indent: Subscript and Superscript buttons https: Clear Formatting button https: Add and Remove Classes and IDs http: Anchor Tag Link and Target https: Using Redactor plugin packages: If I gave this imperavi redactor options trading some of my clients their heads would explode: The table outline is definitely a bug.

We stripped the styles by accident and will fix soon. Really like Redactor but another suggestion that I'd like to make is that I feel that it is really missing the ability to add classes to any tag. I frequently need to add css styles to h2's p's etc but don't really want spans everywhere. In addition the spans will not have any effect on the parent tag so aren't that useful in styling my typography.

Amen to that comment. I miss this also. It may be lean and fast and have a modern looking toolbar but it simply does not have the functionality that should be there for a CMS where editors need to construct pages with anything more complex imperavi redactor options trading a blog.

It's not even possible to float an image right or left and wrap text round it or format a table. Hi briggers, You can float images. I wrote a imperavi redactor options trading about adding custom styles in Redactor here - http: Imperavi redactor options trading this said, I am in total agreement that Redactor is painfully bare bones when it comes to styling and formatting imperavi redactor options trading.

Here is something to remember though, concrete5 is open source and has a tiny core team. Right now, the core team is working on making 5.

I am sure they will get imperavi redactor options trading improving Redactor once core development issues calm down. Imperavi redactor options trading the imperavi redactor options trading it will be frustrating for sure, but not forever. The imperavi redactor options trading news is that writing plugins for Redactor is easy. I've tried to make plugins that add features that are currently missing. Integrating imperavi redactor options trading into the core is the hard part.

This is where the open source part comes in. If we could get people together to create a master list of required features, imperavi redactor options trading the plugins, and integrate the plugins with the core - we could have these features much sooner.

Thanks Mr K, My mistake about floating images - I've looked at Redactor several times since it was introduced and never found that function. But that doesn't change my view that Redactor is a vastly over-hyped editor when compared with others like Tiny or CKeditor.

One reason for using projects like c5 is to avoid re-inventing the wheel and to make use imperavi redactor options trading work that has already been done so writing plug-ins for something as basic as an imperavi redactor options trading is just crazy when better tools are available off the shelf.

However the best way to do that is to provide context sensitive styles in a dropdown and those styles should be the same as provided by a subset of the site styles; this can quite easily be done with other editors - as far as I can see it can't be done with Redactor - tell me I'm wrong imperavi redactor options trading Sure a group could get together to build the necessary plug-ins but why reinvent the wheel? One shoudn't need a plugin to apply a class like: The licensing issue has been imperavi redactor options trading and Franz assures us that we can use it without worrying.

Did you check the first link in MrKDilkington's post above. The styles are baked into the theme and will change sitewide if you alter the css in the theme. It was well known early on that Redactor initially did not have some of the capability of some of the more mature editors you mentioned but that adding these capabilities to Redactor is much easier than modifying the others.

I assume that the core team simply hasn't had the hours to dedicate to adding these capabilities. A link that is not accessible to us ordinary users - I still make the point that Redactor have not confirmed it one way or another when I asked them directly. Yes, and it's an useful work around a serious deficiency but it requires defining the classes in the theme css file if they don't already exist then imperavi redactor options trading another file which links the css classes to the editor as SPANS which means that one ends up with a bit of HTML that looks like this - copied out of the Redactor HTML window: Aliquam rhoncus enim et pellentesque varius.

Nulla sodales nibh loremsit amet imperdiet arcu commodo sit amet. Mauris sed scelerisque nisl. Ut auctor ipsum tellusvel viverra massa elementum sit amet. I also think it would be imperavi redactor options trading to be able to switch out Redactor with an editor of choice so far it has both impressed me and left me wanting more.

The lack of editing functionality has been a big hindrance, I'm currently regretting using 5. It was just easier to do in TinyMCE even if a little clunky.

I imagine that swapping out the editor for something else at this point would be a lot of work. In comparison, building plugins for Redactor would be less work. Any 3rd party imperavi redactor options trading would also have to be modified to provide this important functionality. I had a look at the code base for redactor yesterday and the way it is integrated into C5. I was hoping to find a more packaged editor implementation but it seems very embedded.

On the upside i did look at redactors api quickly which suggests that its inline style method can be used to inject inline styles or - more importantly - add a class! Totally agree with you. It is just too basic - how would a user even add a special character? I also don't like the code it produces. There may well be a reason why the team like it better but from an end user point of view, I think it is a retrograde step.

There is this addon in the market place but alas only for 5. I find all that sliding left and right off-canvass editing irritating, no editable areas indication etc. Just bring back the start button already. This morning I had a proper go at creating a plugin for Redactor, to handle the insertion of special characters. It took me about 2 hours to write - it might need a bit of tidy up and I'm not sure what to do with translating the textbut gee, it was really nice to write.

It might not at this point have quite as many features are TinyMCE, but because it's API is clean and modern, we'll have a much better time expanding it to meet concrete5's specific needs. I wrote it for version 10 of redactor, so this isn't immediately able to be included, but when the redactor version is updated to version 10 it should be pretty easy to include.

Here it is on github. Is the code that comes out of Redactor 10 any cleaner? This might encourage others to make Redactor Which in turn might make updating Redactor in concrete5 5.

Getting Redactor features fleshed out will cross off a major user experience complaint. Very good - that makes 15 redactor plugins available!

In another couple of years it might have the same capability imperavi redactor options trading Tiny. Now we need only another plugins to give redactor a similar versitility and flexibility as, for example, CKEditor. I'd prefer the core team to work on an alternative - almost any alternative.

I welcome Redactor because a lot of my non-techie customers have to put TinyMCE into HTML mode to fix something that cannot be fixed imperavi redactor options trading and then I get a support call to fix the mess they made. At the moment, Imperavi redactor options trading has the same problem but I have faith in it's future.

If you follow the forums for the past many years, you will find lots of people who have been frustrated with trying to customize the behavior of TinyMCE. The core team made a decision based on Redactor's ease of extendability and I personally believe it is the correct imperavi redactor options trading term choice.

I also believe that it's unfair to suggest that it is not a priority for the core team. I think they simply have bigger fires to put out at the moment. If you want some features that aren't availabe, dig in and built it. That's why it's a free, open source project. My clients will never need plugins and I don't want to load my systems with all that bloat so I much prefer the 'a la carte' model. They wanted something easily customizable and extensible.

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