List of Top Internet Service Providers In Kenya In Home Internet (Fiber and Wireless)

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Until this Wednesday, Netflix was only available in select developed countries. One needed special plugins or softwares to access it from blocked countries. For a little over Sh a month, you can access the basic plan, whose downside is only lack of HD — that would be okay for many. Every new customer gets a free trial month upon signing up. Kenyans on Twitter are not the type to be left behind, and the whole of yesterday, NetflixInKenya was trending. But even with the launch, fundamental questions have to be asked.

Just how many will pay for the subscription and can our internet infrastructure support Netflix. To put that into context, if you went with the medium resolution of mb per hour, you would spend at least Sh per hour to stream with Safaricom bundles.

Actually, that is assuming you bought bundles in bulk 30GB at Sh Since most Kenyans buy bundles in small quantity, the price to stream goes up really quick. After exhausting the 2 or 6GB provided, your device can barely open firefox. But it barely opens Google search a very light page. They cap your speeds after reaching 20GB for the monthly plan. Now, if you plan on streaming on Netflix for a minimum of 4 hours a day, consuming more than 4GB per day, what are your options?

Most Kenyans fall into the category of NO options. Satellite is available everywhere but their fibre service has only reached home internet options in kenya few places. Perhaps it needs a little updating.

Faiba is in a few more towns, but we could not get a proper coverage list from their website. Once you have your house home internet options in kenya to whatever fibre, you then decide what package to buy.

This is the official internet speed recommendation from Netflix. Those are basically the bare minimum. Otherwise your stream will not stop buffering, or all other internet use will be interrupted. Their 10 Mbps plan is however quite sufficient. Faiba is much home internet options in kenya expensive than Zuku, offering 5Mbps for Sh For nearly the same price you get 20Mbps on Zuku.

Some people have suggested that DSTV are wetting their home internet options in kenya trying to figure out how to deal with this Netflix thing. I can assure you those reports are greatly exaggerated. These stats tell you two things 1. Netflix is insanely popular in the US. Netflix will not be friendly to your bundles. Perhaps it needs a little updating Faiba is in a few more towns, but we could not get a proper coverage list from their website.

Clearly, your best bet in this case is Zuku. On top of the fibre package price, there is the Sh or so Netflix subscription. Recommended stories you may like:. The Trending Images This Friday.

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