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Such Houses should operate as highly professional and dynamic institutions and act as important instruments of export export houses and trading houses ppt. Criterion for Recognition The exports made, both in free foreign exchange and in Indian Rupees, shall be taken into account for the purpose of recognition.

Exports made by Subsidiary Company For this purpose, the company shall have the majority share holding in the subsidiary company. Export Performance Level The level of export performance for the purpose of recognition shall be as per the table below: Calculation of Net Foreign Exchange However, the value of freely transferable SIL, EPCG licences and the value of licences surrendered during the validity of licence shall not be deducted. Weightage to exports However, such units shall not be entitled for the weightage given in sub paragraph a and b above.

Recognition for State Corporations This benefit shall be available only for such period and in accordance with such terms and conditions as may be specified from time to time. On the expiry of export houses and trading houses ppt certificate, application for renewal of status certificate shall be export houses and trading houses ppt to be made within a period as prescribed in the Handbook Vol. During the said period, the status holder shall be eligible to claim the usual facilities and benefits, except the benefit of a SIL.

Manufacturing companies or Industrial houses with an annual manufacturing turnover of Rs. The objective of the scheme is to recognise established exporters as Export House, Trading House, Star Trading House and Super Star Trading House with a view to building marketing infrastructure and expertise required for export promotion.

The exports made by a subsidiary of a limited company shall be counted towards export performance of the limited company for the purpose of recognition. The applicant is required to achieve the prescribed average export performance level subject to export houses and trading houses ppt condition that.

Deemed exports and exports under paragraph The level of export performance for the purpose of recognition shall be as per the table below:. Average FOB value during the preceding three licensing years, in Rupees. FOB value during the preceding licensing year, in Rupees. Average NFE earnings made during the preceding three licensing yearsin Rupees. NFE earned during the preceding licensing year, in Rupees. For the purpose of calculation of the Net Foreign Exchange earned on exports, the value of all the licences including the value of 2.

For the purpose of recognition, weightage shall be given to the following categories of exports provided such exports are made in freely convertible currency:. Status Certificate shall be valid for a period of three years starting from 1st April of the licensing year during which the application for the grant of such recognition is made, unless otherwise specified. All status holders shall be entitled to such facilities as specified in chapter of the Handbook Vol.

Status holders shall continue to hold the recognition accorded to them for the period for which such recognition was accorded. Exporters who have attained Export House, Trading House, Star Trading Houses and Super Star Trading Houses status for three terms or more and continue to export shall be eligible for golden status certificate which would enable them to enjoy the benefits of status certificate irrespective of their actual performance thereafter as per the guidelines issued in this regard from time to time.

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