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The DataContractSerializer sample demonstrates the DataContractSerializerwhich performs general serialization and deserialization services for the data contract classes. The sample creates a Record object, serializes it to a memory stream and deserializes the memory stream back to another Record object to demonstrate the use datacontractserializer binary writer the DataContractSerializer.

The sample then serializes the Record object using a binary writer to demonstrate how the writer affects serialization. The setup procedure and build instructions for this sample are located at the end of this topic.

The sample code creates a Record object named record1 then displays the object. The sample then uses the DataContractSerializer datacontractserializer binary writer serialize record1 into datacontractserializer binary writer memory stream. Next, the sample uses the DataContractSerializer to deserialize the memory stream back into a new Record object and displays it. However, you can influence the encoding of the XML by passing in a different writer.

The sample creates a binary writer by calling CreateBinaryWriter. It then passes the writer and the record object to the serializer when it calls WriteObjectContent. Finally, datacontractserializer binary writer sample flushes the writer and reports on the length of the streams.

When you run the sample, the original record and the deserialized record are displayed, followed by the comparison between the length of the text datacontractserializer binary writer and the binary encoding. To build the C or Visual Basic. The samples may already be installed on your machine. Check for the following default directory before continuing. This sample is located in the following directory.

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Note The setup procedure datacontractserializer binary writer build instructions for this sample are located at the datacontractserializer binary writer of this topic. Important The samples may already be installed on your machine. Note The feedback system for this content will be changing soon.

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Serialization is a common task we use mostly for communication and storage. This post will give a wide serialization performance comparison. That said, when you choose a format and framework you sure need to think about much more than that. Examples are ease of use, extensibility, flexibility, versioning, and much more. Although my test run in C , this post applies to any technology.

The size obviously will be the same, and about the speed I believe that it will differ, but the ratio between the formats will be roughly the same in most cases. So with the provided code you can easily test different serialization frameworks with different sample data that fits your needs the best. This is something you can do within minutes with my code. So why do I need to change the serialization method in my application?

If your application is heavy on serialization you should consider it. Then I run the tests, and plotted them on a chart for you. Of course the code to retrieve the list and all the tests is available on GitHub — https: How a Beer looks like? I wanted to do the comparison for large data and small data so I used the list of all beers and one beer respectively.

We can see huge differences between formats. Interesting to note that Binary which would be in the middle for large objects would be the worst for small objects. For the large data list I just used the time took to handle the list divided by the number of items All the test ran on my laptop — Lenovo X1 Carbon iU.

They implement an Init, Serialize, and Deserialize methods. The base tester will run the tests times and will output the results to the console. So which one should you use? It all depends on your needs, but this post intends to help you make the right decision.

You might also want to indicate the y-axis is actually time in milliseconds. Other that that, it is a good article. Serialization of 3D Models Phillip Hamlyn. Pros and Cons either way. For us, speed was paramount as were dealing with High Frequency Trading. Deep cloning objects - DexPage.

How to compare performance of messagepack-cli and json. Thank you, for this post Maxim. Please help clearing the confusion. Clearly, lower speed is not better. Not sure your performance tests are valid. You get to the beginning of the memory stream by seeking in the tests that were reported as slow but just change position in the fast versions. Net to improve serialization performance - So many manuals, so little time. News-y programistyczne Blog Programisty. Our projects, once deployed, often have a life of iver 10 years.

But then again, the road is also littered with the cast offs of once-popular MS technology stacks—looking at you, Silverlight! This is the summary of the results Size in bytes, time in milliseconds. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.