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The Orks are a race in Warhammer 40, Commonly known as "Greenskins" or "the Green Tide", they're probably the most numerous and infestive race in the entire 40K setting, or at least on par with the Tyranids. Bulletz trading options have a Warhammer Fantasy equivalent, the only major differences being that fantasy Orks are now called Orruks, and they have a slightly lower level of technology relative to the setting.

Orks are the most successful race of the 41st millennium. Despite their entire lack of structured education or training, they seem to be very proficient with all kinds of technology, which they inevitably utilize for their armaments of which firearms and vehicles are the most common.

This is explained away in the fluff by their origins: Unfortunately, the Old Ones died before they could finish their little science project; specifically the psychic control mechanism. The ancient Krork were known to have fought the ancient Eldar empire when the latter was at the peak of its power and were implied to have been a considerable threat a Harlequin in M32 compares the nearly bulletz trading options hordes of the Beast as being like children compared to them.

The only Krork to exist in the present day one of Trazyn's exhibits wore exo-armour that was more sophisticated than power armour and stood 12 ft bulletz trading options. This means that such war machines simply fight everything, everywhere, all the time. In principle, Orks can loot just about anything: Bulletz trading options Orks derive much of their success from their reproductive process: Orks are, essentially, a psychosensitive hybrid of animal and fungi, not unlike a very complex version of a lichen.

One advantage is a redundancy of vital organs, making them able to easily survive events such as head transplants and the fact that it's not easy to kill an individual Ork since they could very well shrug off injuries that would put a human to a crippled state. In fact there bulletz trading options a Valhallan folktale about a relative finding an Ork, thawing it out only for it to attempt to kill them.

Another advantage is their ability to grow larger as they win more battles due to the aforementioned psychosensitivity: These fluctuations supercharge the Ork's physiology, causing the Ork to gain muscle mass and evolve. Consequently, if an Ork should somehow be incapable of fighting like being imprisoned ; they will actually devolve instead, causing the Ork to become pudgy and lethargic.

This was observed during Xenology where a captive Ork was eventually found morbidly obese when the Inquisitor bulletz trading options him out for dissection. Bulletz trading options addition, the fungal part of their physiology allows Orks to reproduce asexually en masse through underground fungal colonies that act as self-sustaining ecosystems.

Reproductive spores enter the topsoil, bulletz trading options fungal mycelia that assimilate base nutrients and could exchange genetic information with other mycelia, putting normal Human sexual reproduction to shame, and eventually produce lesser Orkoids: The Grotz cultivate the protein-rich squigs in preparation for the emergence of the greater Orks, which take longer to develop.

All in all, this cycle was designed to fight against the Necrons, which sterilized a planet to its bacteria. Orks can terraform a barren planet into a veritable paradise this way, though what defines "paradise" is a point of discussion; if you like endless wars and tribal conflicts in a mushroom rich planet, it probably is.

Bulletz trading options all Orks discharge reproductive spores throughout their lives, the most significant and numerous emissions occur when an Ork is dismembered or dies. Nice Job chainsawing it, Space Marine. Due to this, an Ork infestation is incredibly hard to handle if kept unchecked since it won't take them long to get enough boyz to launch a full-scale WAAAGH!

We can use flamethrowers, Plasmanukes, melta weapons or anything high-energy to eradicate any spores and fungi, saving the world from the eventual Exterminatus, but then again, efficiency bulletz trading options manly n' grimdark enough compared to good ol' spore-releasing bolters, chainswords and artillery.

Orks only have two popular combat bulletz trading options That said, a good shoota should also still be able to kill enemies while putting out a lot of dakka, otherwise it wouldn't be killy and woe betide an Ork who isn't killy.

Because of the Ork's naturally low penchant for accuracy; they typically get around this problem in two methods: The second one is to make the gun really killy every time it shoots, like putting a dangerously high-explosive shell in a kannon that can obliterate an entire bulletz trading options in one shot.

Orks are commonly believed to be stupid and superstitious by the other races of the 40k world, but they can also be cunning and quick on the draw. Orks are always ready for a fight and while you can trick them, they bulletz trading options like the idea of tricking people back. We can assume that this cuts both ways, with enemies such as the Blood Angels and White Scars gaining the same boost due to their use of red paint.

Pronounced similar to "war" as the "GH" is silent. A Warboss is an Ork Alpha who is bigger than all the other Orks and have proven his right to lead by either his sheer size or krumpin' all the other big Orks that thinks otherwise. Lesser Orks sense the presence of the Boss in the Orks' psychic field and follow him on what is often described as a combination of pub riot and holy war with a bulletz trading options of genocide.

The Ork economy is based on teef, more information on which can be found here. Ork religious beliefs also help manage their population. Orks believe in two gods, Gork and Mork. Bulletz trading options is the god of cunning brutality and the other is the god of brutal cunning, the difference being that one hits you when you aren't looking and the other hits you harder when you are. Unfortunately, no one can decide which god is which, nor can the Orks bulletz trading options which is better: These differences of opinion tend to lead to Gigantic Brawls, yet another method of keeping the Ork race strong, warlike and in check.

Ork society is effectively the perfect society. Its society is a Kratocracy A Government ruled by the strongest, fitting for Orks in maturity as all disputes are settled fairly quickly and painfully just the way they like it.

The economy is steady, as teef grow and rot at a reliable rate. Once a Boss is in charge, mostly everyone falls into place, and the Orks go and get shit done. Also, they probably killed the Imperial Fists. Scratch that, one of them survived! The orks use black and white on their shock troops, because it reminds them of the Luna Wolves who destroyed them at Ullanor.

The orks do not fear death, but they do fear the Luna Wolves. That is right, Horus traumatized them as a race more than the fucking grim reaper. Why would you fear death, if death usually results in you being reborn into several thousands of yourself? Horus probably swept the spores up post battle and that's why they fear him. Though it's also worth mentioning that Orks harbor a natural fear of Commander Farsight too, whom they know as "Da Red Commit".

Though given that the Dawn Blade consumes the souls of those it kills, it's likely that any Orks cut down by Farsight do not reproduce. But then again he was committing Ork genocide long before he found the blade bulletz trading options On the other hand Yarric, Farsight and Moon-Wolfie boyz are also considered source of prime fighting so despite being scary bulletz trading options actually also attract orks.

How Ork Technology works is up for debate. As written Ork technology is bulletz trading options comprehension by the majority of races. Techpriests have taken apart Ork guns bulletz trading options reassembled them to what they assume is the same configuration only to find that they don't work any more. This leads to two schools of thought on Ork Technology. Ork technology works mainly because the Orks think it does. The explanation is that the subconscious gestalt psychic field that all Orks generate enables their technology to function; the stronger the field, the more unlikely their technological achievements become.

In older versions of the fluff, if you hand an Ork a pipe and convince him it's a gun, it WILL shoot bullets. They're like reality-warping Bulletz trading options "Gods", only weakened by bulletz trading options stupidity and their preference to fight each other instead of bulletz trading options, hence why the Imperium still manages to survive in these dark times.

In later versions, this has been toned down from "impossible" to merely "unlikely" because GW won't keep anything canon that's that badass. If Ork technology is held together by spit, duct tape, and hope, then the Orks' psychic field provides the hope. Da boyz hop out and have a look. One of da boyz examines the readouts and says to the Nob driver, " Da bloody fing is outta gas!

He is the biggest Ork among them, and he did just prove it. Maybe he did fill it up right before they left. That's the sort of thing one does when one's in charge. Da boyz begin to file back into the Wartrukk, and with a satisfied nod, the Nob gets in and cranks her up. Because da boyz believe that there is plenty of fuel in the truck, one drop does for ten, and the Wartrukk and da boyz arrive just in time for the next fight.

The purpose for this sort of thing is primarily to compensate for the Orks' technological disadvantage by comparison with races bulletz trading options the TauNecronsor the Eldar. For example, a meat cleaver in the hands of an Ork can tear through the toughest ceramite armor if the Ork believes it will; for anyone BUT an Bulletz trading options, a power weapon or the equivalent would be required to do so. This tends to work well for them, but not for the other races of the galaxy: Imperial observers note that Ork weapons generally will not function in the hands of a non-Ork.

The only reason the Orks haven't exploited the limits of their generated gestalt field by creating bulletz trading options made but devastatingly powerful weaponry that could eclipse the weapons of the other races is that they themselves do not know nor understand that they create said field, they believe that their equipment works because that's how the universe wants it to work, not because they themselves are making it work.

Which I guess makes it true. This, in turn, makes for an interesting paradox: If orks managed to understand the physical universe as it is, they would not believe their "weapons" work, thus, stripping them of their psychic advantage. If there is a little ounce of bulletz trading options, this would wreck their ability to This said, Orky know-wots DO have bulletz trading options say in stuff that the Orks build.

Mekboyz build much of the bulletz trading options they do because they have been genetically ingrained with the knowledge on how to make and maintain their technology.

While much of their tech runs because they want to, the basis is that the Orks can actually build a conceptually working frame to get all Bulletz trading options on.

This explains how Orks can build such technological wonders as the Shokk Attack Gun, which propels Snotlings through the Warp and into the armor, tanks, and bodies of their enemies. Also, there have been instances of Ork tech working well in the hands of other races, at least for a time till it blows up. Be careful though, most Ork players have very deep-set opinions on how Orky tech works, and debates between them can generate much RAGE.

Occasionally, bulletz trading options a "tech-caste" gets into control of an Ork society, ridiculous constructions can result. Best example we know about is the Telon Reach Empire and its central stronghold Gorro.

A "scrapworld", Gorro bulletz trading options full of things that shouldn't have worked at all Bulletz trading options notes that individual bits of architecture inside were just too mad for any human to contemplate and could withstand the normally planet-killing weapons on the Vengeful Spirit and Emperor's own flagship.

The Orks defending it were far more advanced than most everything from their augmententations to the accuracy of their ships' weapons and had actually built a plasma reactor to hold their world together.

Their function mostly relied on the Orks' gestalt, as the core began bulletz trading options fail as the Emperor, Horus and their respective posses carved through the population.

Once the Emperor killed the resident Warboss and psychically burned the rest of the Orks a preview of what he'd eventually do to Horus the system went into total meltdown. This argument becomes unstable when looked too closely. In particular if this was the case Psykers would be able to combat Ork technology more effectively.

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