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We are not a binary options broker and we do not accept trades or wagers or any kind. As such, our website should be treated as for entertainment purposes only. By using our website and reading our article, you binary trading terms the terms and conditions laid out on this page. Please note if you are from the USA: We warn US citizens of the dangers of trading with such entities and strongly advise that they take legal advice on this binary trading terms the US.

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We are not responsible for any money lost through our website or another third party operator. It is your legal responsibility to check the legality of trading binary options and age requirements in your jurisdiction. We may occasionally link out to other websites in our articles. These links are published under the purview of our editors. Affiliate Earnings Disclaimer For full disclosure, some of the links on our websites will include tracking links which install a harmless cookie binary trading terms your website for a period of days.

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This is the price a seller will accept for a security. Refers to the security being traded. This is also referred to as a break-even point.

Essentially, the value of the asset at the end of the trading cycle is the same as when you first purchased it. A bid price is the amount a buyer is willing to pay for a security, and a bid size is the number of shares an investor is willing to purchase. Binary Options and Forex only focus on the price not the size of a bid as no shares are actually purchased.

There are a number of incentives that online brokers offer traders to signup, re-deposit or even as a promotion. These bonuses are usually a fantastic incentive to gain more value on your trading experience.

This is a binary trading option that allows a trader to speculate the movement range of an asset over a predetermined time. An online Forex or Binary Options company that acts as source for traders to trade online.

TradersAsset aims to review and present the best Binary Options and Forex brokers to our traders. This is a contract whereby the buyer can purchase the underlying commodity at the strike price at any time up to the expiration time.

This refers to raw material such as gold and silver, natural resources such as oil and gas, or primary agricultural products such as coffee, cocoa or even livestock.

This is the rate or price of a given asset. Current rates may be delayed from that of the actual market by at least fifteen minutes, depending on the online broker you use. This usually has an expiry time ranging from two days to a week. Double No Touch Options: A popular tool in Forex trading, this refers to a trading instrument whereby a trader can predict two specific levels that an asset must move in-between in value to generate a payout.

If the chosen asset value beyond these two specified points the option automatically expires. This refers to the ability to close an open position so that an option will immediately expire. An option contract consisting of attributes not usually found in most traditional contracts, which are now available to the general public in a simplified form — as binary options.

The time and date at which an option or trade expires. The result of a trade is determined at this point. A method of quantitative and qualitative analysis used by traders to determine which macroeconomic, and possibly company specific factors, should be taken into consideration when analyzing the possible behavior of a security or an asset. A type contract that agrees to buy or sell a certain asset or security at a given point in the future.

This is the most common style of Binary Options Trading. An index singular or indices plural is the term used to refer to a grouping of securities set up in a way that tracks the asset pricing of a particular section of the market, sector or currency. A call option that has a higher value at the time of expiry than when the investment was made, is viewed as in-the-money.

Likewise, a put option is in-the-money at the time of expiry when it is lower than the price the option was bought at. A quoted price that represents the current value of an asset using real time data to show current market rates. Should an investment reach the predicted price point at any time, it shall expire automatically. Out of the money: This means that your call options expired lower than its buying price. Predictably, this does mean that your put option has expired higher than its buying price.

The profit realized when a contract expires in the money. It is the measure of value that helps a trader calculate profits and losses. This refers to an option that is bought on the premise that the asset or security will decline in value beyond before its time of expiry.

This is one of the most sought after trading incentives a broker can offer its traders. Some brokers offer their traders between risk free trades.

All the trader needs to do is trade as normal. If they lose, the broker will negate any losses or refund your loss.

A Security is a tradable and intangible asset of any kind. This can include Stocks, Bonds, Mutual funds or more commonly for online traders, this includes the options offered by Binary Options Brokers.

This is usually the difference between the asking price and the bid of a particular asset. A system of analysis whereby historical data is examined to predict future trends in the prices of assets.

There are a number of systems and tools that a trader can explore to aid them in this system of analysis. This described the backbone of derivative trading such as Binary Options. It refers to the underlying asset that an option is built upon. In the case of Binary Options, this include all currencies, stocks, commodities and indices. Trading Terminology Definitions Ask: This refers to a market in decline. Close Window Loading, Please Wait! This may take a second or two.