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If you are going to be an options trader, bear markets and market crashes are realities that cannot be avoided. While alot of options traders cringe at the idea of a bear market or market crash, real options traders actually celebrate it and the elite few actually make their fortunes during those times.

Yes, you may be surprised to know that bear markets or market crashes are binary option strategies bear market years binary options strategies for directional and volatility the best times to make money through options trading! In fact, utilizing the exact same options strategies, you will more often than not make significantly more profit during a bear market or market crash than during a normal bullish trending market.

In fact, you might be able to return more than 5 times the normal profit on some options strategies during bear markets! Why is that so? OppiE, Author of Optiontradingpedia. Higher Volatility Increases Directional Profits! Yes, the expectation of greater stock price volatility actually makes options more valuable because such a possibility increases the chances of making a greater profit through options.

Conversely, when a stock is expected to be stable without any big movements in the near future, its implied volatility drops and therefore its value even without any movement in the price of the underlying stock. As such, all else equal, you are always going to make more profit buying a put option during a bear market than a call option during a bull market on the exact same amount moved on the underlying stock because of this factor.

Why is this so? That's because Implied Volatilitydefined by the options greek Vega, tends to surge strongly during bear markets, lifting the extrinsic value of all options and tends to drop drastically, depressing the extrinsic value of all options during bull markets!

Stock prices are more volatile and more expected to make bigger moves than they do in stable bull markets. Higher Volatility Increases Spread Profits! If you are a fan of collecting extrinsic value through credit spreads or other such options writing based options strategiesyou would no doubt experience a sometimes dramatic increase in profitabilty when such options strategies are executed during a bear market or market crash.

In fact, my favorite calendar spread returned about 5 times more profit in than it did in or before. That is again due to higher volatility lifting the Implied Volatility of options resulting in higher extrinsic values. So if your options strategy revolves around collecting extrinsic value, then you would no doubt experience increased profitability during bear market due to the increased extrinsic value through an increased Implied Volatility, no rocket science there.

Bear Markets Move Fast and Hard! Ever heard the saying that "Bulls take the stairs while Bears jump out of the window? Yes, stocks typically decline in value much much faster than it binary option strategies bear market years binary options strategies for directional and volatility them.

In fact, every market crash has been able to oliterate stock value that took years to build up within just a relatively short period of time. The market crash took away in just one year all of the value build up over the 4 years preceding the crash.

Looking at this phenomena from an options trader's point of view, this also means that binary option strategies bear market years binary options strategies for directional and volatility move that previously took months to complete during a bull market could take only weeks or days to complete in the other direction using put options, making more profit within a shorter period of time especially if you are pursuing a directional based options strategy or even simply going long put.

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There are legitimate, non-scam businesses in Cyprus and the BVI but becauce of the overwhleming amount of problems with non stable one it gives a bad name to the industry as a whole, just like in FX 10 years ago. 5)The only way to deal with a legitimate company is to talk to them, ask them all your questions, make sure they do their due diligence when opening your accunt. Bottom line, wherever a broker or operator is, regulated or not, it doesnt really matter; if they want to scam you they will all you need to do is look at MFGlobal and PFG.

I have visual material of how a binary option broker manipulate the data in their favour and would like to share this. If bots are interested please let me know.