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Below are our headline speaker profiles. We have more brilliant speakers joining this fundraising event, so check back soon. Larry Williams has been trading futures and commodities for well over 46 years.

He is the most highly regarded and well known short term trader in the world. No other futures trader is as accomplished as Larry Williams. He has more trading and investing books on the market than any other futures trader.

The majority of his books have been best sellers. His interest best commodity option trading books on physical therapy sparked by the Kennedy market crash, when President Kennedy forced a roll back in steel prices.

The crash was front page news everywhere. People lost millions but Larry was more taken by the fact that if you had been "short" the market, you would have made millions. Larry Williams graduated from the University of Oregon in with a bachelors in Journalism, thus his passion for writing. By Larry was actively trading the markets and began writing newsletters as well.

It wasn't long before Larry began producing ground breaking market research. This tool still is published daily in best commodity option trading books on physical therapy major financial papers and is a standard indicator provided on trading web sites from MSN's Money Central to Yahoo!

Larry is pretty old, so to try to follow his career year by year would consume too much of your precious time. Even decade by decade gets a little overwhelming. So, let's just cut to the chase. In between trading, researching and developing trading tools, teaching, and writing, Larry managed to run twice for the U.

Senate as well as 70 marathons. He holds a higher degree in archeology and has manned several expeditions. Larry's long list of best-selling books includes 's How to Prosper in the Coming Good Years which accurately forecasted the largest bull market and surge in economic growth in American history. Mark began coaching traders inand has continued to develop seminar and training programs on trading psychology for the investment industry, as well as individual traders.

He has been a frequent speaker at seminars across the world, as well as in the U. He is currently working on his third book, and can be reached through his website www. Jake Bernstein, president of Network Press Inc.

Luck takes a back seat to personal discipline, skills and historically-valid strategies in commodity trading". In addition, he has authored a veritable library of reference works on trading and analyzing the commodity and stock markets. Jake also has written articles for numerous trade publications, including Futures Magazine, Stocks and Commoditiesand Money Maker.

His skills as a teacher, market analyst and educator are ranked highly by attendees at his many seminars. His keen ability to pinpoint market trend changes well in advance, and to develop market timing and trend indicators, are matched only by his continual quest to bring solid information and education to traders. These assets have helped him develop pioneering methodologies in market forecasting, cyclical patterns and seasonal indicators.

His proprietary published trading techniques include: This comprehensive weekly 8-page letter provides education as well as insightful market analyses and commentary. The newsletter is read worldwide by traders in all areas of market participation, including new and experienced traders alike as well as banks, agri-business, floor traders, brokerage firms, best commodity option trading books on physical therapy managers, and others.

Jake Bernstein's skills, candid approach to educating traders, as well as his in-depth market analyses, have made him a much sought after speaker, best commodity option trading books on physical therapy lecturer, and market commentator. She began her professional trading career in as an exchange member.

Since then she has branched out into trading a diverse number of products and markets. Last year, her hedge fund was ranked 17th out of by BarclayHedge for best 5 year performance. Schwager is a recognized industry expert in futures and hedge funds and the author of a number of widely acclaimed financial books.

He is currently engaged as a consultant in the construction and management of managed account portfolios with a particular emphasis on liquid trading strategies. He is also an advisor to an Indian quantitative trading firm, supervising a major project that will adapt their trading technology to trade a global futures portfolio. Schwager was a partner in the Fortune Group, a London-based hedge fund advisory firm, which specialized in creating customized hedge fund portfolios for institutional clients.

Schwager was one of three partners with direct responsibility for selecting managers and constructing portfolios. Schwager has written extensively on the futures industry and great traders in all financial markets. Mr Schwager is perhaps best known for his best-selling series of interviews with the greatest hedge fund managers of the last two decades: Schwager is a frequent seminar speaker and has lectured on a range of analytical topics with particular focus on the characteristics of great traders, technical analysis, and trading system evaluation.

In the unique arena of best commodity option trading books on physical therapy trading coaches and consultants, Van K. Tharp stands out as an best commodity option trading books on physical therapy leader in the industry. Helping others become the best trader or investor that they can be has been Tharp's mission since Tharp offers unique learning strategies, and his techniques for producing great traders are some of the most effective in the field.

Over the years Tharp has helped people overcome problems in areas of system development and trading psychology, and success related issues such as self-sabotage. He is the founder and president of the Van Tharp Institute, dedicated to offering high quality education products and services for traders and investors around the globe.

Tharp uses a combination of skills and education to fine-tune his strategies to coach, consult and teach traders and investors. He received his Ph. He has used his expertise in NLP to create the successful models of trading and investing upon which so much of his work is based. Interviews with Great Traders. Tharp has published numerous articles in various industry publications and has been featured in publications such as ForbesBarron's Market Week, Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities, Investors Business Daily and Futures and Options Worldand Trader's Journal, just to name a few.

Tharp has collected over 5, successful trading profiles by studying and researching individual traders and investors, including many of the top traders and investors in the world. From these studies he developed a model for successful trading and investing in which other people can adopt and learn.

The Van Tharp Institute offers workshops year-round to help traders improve performance. Tharp has designed special seminars for banks and institutions, and has presented these throughout the United Best commodity option trading books on physical therapy, as well as Paris, Italy, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne, Venice, London, Vienna, Stockholm, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, and numerous other places throughout the world.

In he toured Asia as a guest speaker with Dow Jones. He is also a regular speaker to portfolio and hedge fund managers worldwide. He is currently a member on the distinguished Investment Advisory Panel of the prestigious Oxford Club-a rare honor only half dozen or so individuals have received.

Tharp is also a highly rated guest speaker at expositions and conferences throughout the world. In his books, courses and workshops, he uses the financial metaphor to do so. New Zealand born and bred Nigel attended Wanganui Collegiate School and graduated from the University of Otago in with a double degree in Chemistry and Econometrics.

He began his 26 year Foreign Exchange Trading career at British Petroleum in where he spent nine years trading currencies and currency derivatives in Wellington, Melbourne and London. He joined Citibank in London on the FX proprietary desk and then moved to New York to run their currency derivatives business. Nigel was an early proponent of negative gamma trading and delta hedging short dated currency derivatives.

Nigel has been a sought after and frequent speaker at FX industry events on both sides of the Atlantic and is known for his thought provoking best commodity option trading books on physical therapy entertaining anecdotal stories. He returned with his family to his native New Zealand in March and now, along with his proprietary trading, teaches Financial Literacy on a volunteer basis. He is a keen conservationist and through his new company, Mohua Limited, donates 10 percent of his trading profits to bird conservation.

The company sponsors translocations of endangered birds from off-shore predator free islands back to pest controlled valleys on the Mainland.

He is a former floor trader in the trading pits in Chicago and was a member best commodity option trading books on physical therapy the CME from where he progressed to today being a multi-million dollar day trader. Larry has over 43 years of trading experience both on and off the floor and through his ten best selling books, has become widely recognised as one of the pioneers in pattern recognition using Sacred Geometry. Nick McDonald is a leading independent trader with a global following via the company he founded and heads up, www.

A specialist in futures and spot forex, Nick possesses a unique approach to modern technical trading which forms the basis of the strategies that he teaches. Nick left his job in within 3 months of discovering technical analysis best commodity option trading books on physical therapy become an independent full time trader and Trade With Precision was founded inborn from corporate requests for Nick to train retail trading clients of large brokers and exchanges worldwide.

Nick cuts through the 'nonsense' associated with traditional technical analysis and teaches people real trading strategies, omitting irrelevant information that is not conducive to trading successfully. Nick is the founder of the Trading Symposium www. Steve Ward is owner of High Performance Global Ltd and is a performance coach and consultant with twenty years of teaching, training and coaching experience. Trading for a living is hard enough as it is, but to have people watching over your shoulder can only add to the pressure of performing.

But since August Tom Hougaard has been running a live trading room, posting all his trades, and making his track record a publicly accessible feature on best commodity option trading books on physical therapy site www. Tom Hougaard used to be a regular feature on the financial business TV channels, where he offered his market analysis and forecasts.

He says of the live trading room: My readers could not see what I saw during the day. Trading requires you to be fluid. Robert has best commodity option trading books on physical therapy an Affiliate Member of the Market Technicians Association sincean organization dedicated to education, professional standards and ethics in Technical Analysis.

Rob is known for trading his REAL live account, right before your eyes. He leaves nothing to the imagination and does NOT use simulators. As many trading educator and professions rely on simulated accounts and past history to teach, this is not where you get the most value. Simulated accounts have no real money on the line and it is easy to jump in and out of set-ups.

Rob's methodology trains you to apply his techniques for different types of trading such as scalping, day trading, swing trading, and longer term investing. Find the best entry points, stop best commodity option trading books on physical therapy, determine your trade size, and profit targets for each trade. John Carter's father was a Morgan Stanley stock broker. John Carter was introduced to options trading and stock trading when John was a sophomore in high school.

Carter has been day trading full time since that day. He has been trading for the past 19 years.

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The two previously worked together at Mandara Capital, a London Trading firm…. There, James was the performance director with a background in sports science , and Greg was head of a highly successful oil trading desk—which he built from the ground up in three years, with some guidance from James for overcoming obstacles.

Now, Greg remains a serious participant in oil derivatives and has gone on to become a founding partner of Onyx Commodities. Greg and his firm are most active in oil futures and the energy sector , but also trading in related OTC products, or better known as swaps. Click here to refresh the feed. Phil Goedeker has been trading stocks for, roughly, 15 years. Admittedly, Phil will tell you, luck was a major factor early on. Plus some talk about strategy, timing, setups and why Phil is set on filtering his trading profits into farmland….

When Alex TAGRtrades was on CWT for the first time— Episode , he was beginning to make head way as a full-time day trader, since abandoning a secure job in recent years. But what makes things more significant, is how he was able to achieve this with minimal drawdown. Alex also talks about his strategy; from scanning to entries to managing positions. Plus psychology, self-discipline and more. Mike and his firm, are large volume participants in U. Anthony Saliba, an original Market Wizard, was first on episode Because his success extends far beyond trading alone….

For example; LiquidPoint, an options execution and technology firm which Tony founded, was acquired in for a sum of mid nine-figures. The underlying theme throughout this episode is not how to become a better trader, but how to build generational wealth!

Andreas Koukorinis lives in London and in he co-founded Stratagem Technologies—a tech startup using AI and machine learning to trade sports as a financial product. These sports predominately include; football, tennis and basketball.

But for Andreas, his roots are in trading instruments and markets that most of us are more accustomed to. Xiao Qiao is a research analyst for a Connecticut-based hedge fund, focused on trading commodity futures. Notably, Xiao has also worked directly with trading legend Blair Hull on two quantitative research projects, which concern market timing and return predictability.

The main objective of this episode with Xiao, is to learn how a research analyst thinks about things directly related to research, and ways that you can do better market research for yourself. On top of this, Xiao, based on his experience, shares a few tips for those who have an urge to study something—but are unsure about what to study, and some of the differences he's observed between the world of academia and working as a practitioner.

Kory was a private equity analyst for Pitchbook, who traded on the side. In terms of how he trades; Kory is a retail systematic trader. Rick Lane is the current CEO of Trading Technologies—a software provider that develop high-performance trading platforms which are used by; proprietary traders, hedge funds, CTAs, brokers and banks etc.

The reason why I asked Rick to appear on this episode is because, as we know, not everyone is cut out to be a trader. Prior to teaming up with his cousin, a large interest rate trader, who anticipated the inflection point of automated trading, Rick was modelling combat scenarios for the military and he also did a short stint at Google as a product manager.

To refresh your memory, Aaron is highly regarded as an authority on the subject of risk taking. Questions traders should be asking themselves, how to leave less money on the table, high win rate verse low win rate strategies, black swans, killing opportunity while trying too hard to prevent disaster. Aaron Brown is highly regarded as an authority on the subject of risk management.

And for the past years, he was the risk manager for quant fund, AQR. Aaron has also authored several books ranging in topics from poker to finance and risk , contributes to Bloomberg View and writes a column for Wilmott Magazine.

On this episode, part one, we talk about: Aaron's early days playing poker, unconscious influences on decision making, the goals and objectives of a risk manager, how Aaron managed the quant equity crisis of August , and much more too.

John Grady is an independent futures trader from Florida, who primarily trades Treasury bonds. His trading is purely discretionary, based upon his read of order flow. Dr Thomas Starke is a Physics PhD who once designed microchips, worked as an engineer for Rolls Royce and lectured at University of Oxford, before applying his know-how of modelling to financial markets….

As a trader, Thomas has contracted to various funds and up until recently, he was a Quantitative Developer at a well-regarded Sydney prop trading firm. Thomas was great to chat with—not only did we talk about things related to quant trading, strategy development and robustness, but also his infatuation with disruptive technologies; artificial intelligence and quantum computing.

Tyler Michalove, who plays a key role in trade execution. And Wayne Klump, who heads up research and strategy development. We discuss mentoring, the benefits of working in a team, the upside to trading options, the unique edges which can be gained from the multiple dimensions inherent to options, an example of how options could potentially improve an existing strategy and plenty more. Episode sponsored by TradeStation — A trusted online broker geared towards active traders. Throughout the talk I pull upon many lessons and snippets of wisdom which have been learned through conversations here on this podcast.

Sponsored by Scoop Markets: Since , Tim Steenstrup has been a cross-border arbitrage trader at Conventus Capital. Episode sponsored by TradeStation: A trusted online broker geared towards active traders.

My guest is Michael Kimelman; a former prop trader and hedge fund manager who was convicted and served time for insider trading…. Confessions of a Wall Street Insider: It was exactly episodes ago when I first had Bert Mouler on the podcast. Bert is an algorithmic trader with a serious focus on machine learning. His trading decisions are driven purely by data, and he goes to great lengths to remove human bias and flaws through the use of automation.

Featuring on this episode is former software entrepreneur turned hedge fund manager, Erik Townsend. After selling his company in , Erik made a few lifestyle and investing decisions which he soon began to question, but took ownership of his situation and the discovery of global macro set him sailing in a new direction….

Major talking points we cross off, include; how Erik uses the concept of The Fourth Turning and major cycles to guide his macro outlook. And one possible scenario for the future of cryptocurrencies—I'm sure some of you won't like what you hear, but I think it's well worth listening to!

The two previously worked together at Mandara Capital, a London Trading firm… There, James was the performance director with a background in sports science , and Greg was head of a highly successful oil trading desk—which he built from the ground up in three years, with some guidance from James for overcoming obstacles. Because his success extends far beyond trading alone… For example; LiquidPoint, an options execution and technology firm which Tony founded, was acquired in for a sum of mid nine-figures.

So, coming up over the next minutes or so, you'll hear about: Bert's increasing efforts to automate as many decisions as possible The attraction of markets and areas with less sophisticated participants Other potential sources of edge—beyond alpha A peek into Bert's high frequency market making strategy And that's certainly not all After selling his company in , Erik made a few lifestyle and investing decisions which he soon began to question, but took ownership of his situation and the discovery of global macro set him sailing in a new direction… Major talking points we cross off, include; how Erik uses the concept of The Fourth Turning and major cycles to guide his macro outlook.

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