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This is a topic which I unfortunately have some history with. Risk Free Profit created the software SureBetPro and distributed it through an MLM network — quite clever really because it really took advantage of peoples desire to make easy money on several different levels at once. It was through the MLM approach to distributing their software that I, and many other people were introduced to the concept of arbitrage trading.

In the beginning I defended RFP against numerous people who claimed they were a scam — the fact was that I was using SBP actively, and making money using it. So based on the fact that they had a reasonable product, being cleverly marketed, it seemed reasonable that they should be a legitimate company.

Well turns out that even the most reasonable looking situations can still result in way too many people being scammed out of their cash. Everything about this trading pool sounded perfect. It made no unreasonable promises; your profits were not promised, they were based on actual results. The amount you could invest was limited to a reasonable amount so that everyone could have a fair go.

The investment was restricted to a specific time frame; no long term compounding issues. So the pool looked like a clever tool to ensure their member base never shrunk…. But I was wrong. After a little over a year of running the trading pool the first round of payments started to be made. And they were made successfully. Having the exact effect every Ponzi scheme could ever hope for — creating the illusion that this company is reliable and safe to invest in.

More people surely invested significantly more money into the trading pool. Numerous people paid out in the first round undoubtedly put more money in for another turn. The list of reasons were bloody interesting actually. I think the first excuse was that their bank account froze their funds because of the massive movement of money out of international bookmakers — it flagged money laundering concerns.

The bank supposedly froze their funds, and RFP had no option but to wait for the banks to resolve their concerns. Apparently the bank would hold the funds for 6 months before releasing them again. Yeah right, as if Banks have the right to just take money from their customers and hold them for arbitrary periods of time, just because they want to.

Apparently RFP could do nothing about it, and had to swallow it — I mean, the members who were owed money had to swallow it. Some time after that 6 month period passed, still no pool pay outs. I think it was at about this time that the US passed the safe ports act, and Neteller found itself in trouble with the USA. It was being investigated by the FBI, and it did actually have a lot of its funds frozen. There was nothing they could do about it!

Everyone would just have to keep on waiting. At this stage over a year had passed since they had stopped making any sort of payment from their members only trading pool, and I had, like most other people no doubt, completely lost interest. I had stopped using SureBetPro many many months before hand it had lost any competitive edge it may have once held, and I found other software better and cheaper on the market , and so RFP was of no interest to me.

So anyway, for all of this time SBP has continued to be on the alert service listing page because it has continued to provide an arbitrage alert service. The dodgy operations of RFP have given me cause to warn people away from RFP and SBP for a couple of years now, but the alert service has continued working regardless — just without any sign of improvement, upgrade, or clearing of old junk the damn software still has a filter in it for pointbet and several other LONG deceased bookmakers.

In the last couple of months though, it seems RFP has finally left us for good. If you follow the link from the alert services it takes you to a default Apache page, and this has been the case with every other SBP link i can find online.

However, if you go to http: Historically, you can only register with RFP through a referral. Whatever the actual case though, this is a long winding sad story of people losing money to a greedy company — like so many other stories on the internet.

So the pool looked like a clever tool to ensure their member base never shrunk… But I was wrong.