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Also, thanks to all who contacted us about sponsorship. Has the NEETs cancolle orchestra album been uploaded yet? Last year's was so good. Tomorrow mine will be in customs I guess. Reposting cause thread died right after: Has anyone bought and uploaded the new A-One Toho Eurobeat vol 16?

I just need the Odyssey. This is the most annoying thing about these compilation albums. I had to download gigs worth just for a few tracks each album. The applocale japanese option traders has already been uploaded, but I do like collecting the CDs of certain groups I like no matter if they're uploaded or not.

Here's a link to the Chaldrea Jazz Club album if anyone wants to add it to the spreadsheet though I do honestly encourage anyone who can to buy it from Bandcamp since it puts money directly into TG's hands https: Why are all the jcore songs and artist names in english anyways? Makes it super convenient for me at least.

Fuck me, I've totally eaten my words. I'm really glad I was wrong. Wew, I'm in for fun times I guess. Did someone need some coffee? Went to Comitia yesterday and caught up with the music thread again. And vera folder soon. His mail is literally applocale japanese option traders the top.

If you don't google it. Guess I'll mess around with it and figure out what it's missing later. Can you guys recommend me some other similar albums to nayuta's one from this comiket?

What the fuck, more than half of those links in the spreadsheet already got taken down. Is there a good tracker for doujin music? I know some people upload to RED. Does AB carry doujin music? Why isn't anyone updating the fucking spreadsheet? Even god dam fucking 9tensu is more up to date on what's out than this.

Jaypee is fucking dead, man. Are you volunteering to help him? Well it's not like you have anything better to do, is it anon? I just put my uploads in the damned thread. Anything I post here gets taken applocale japanese option traders in less than 24 hours. Patiently waiting for this guy to upload, he has good taste! I really want Zytokine!

Not very related, but can you trust the sites that deliver stuff internationally from other sites that only deliver in japan. Which site would you recommend? Are there actually people who listen to this crap? Do you call this music and think it's fun or entertaining? This is trash, it's worthless crap. I earnestly recommend you to listen to some real music like Vivaldi or Mozart, or at least some rock or jazz like Ink Spots or the Rolling Stones.

As such, you can find all of your listed ones except [KNTH] there. What is nice is that they pack their orders a little too well. What is the best service if you're just buying two or three albums? DS goes down every once in a while so just keep checking until it comes back up. Don't think she was too popular but paraoka made a few songs using her. Would've put it on my shopping list if I'd have applocale japanese option traders. Otherwise I'd have follied you an invite. I don't applocale japanese option traders like opening router ports and waiting a week for PD to sync again.

I won't miss you. Alstroemeria Records - Nachtansicht Nachi compilation album https: On a related note, does anyone know of some way applocale japanese option traders give money to nakasoko?

I really want to support his work, but have no clue how to do so from yurop. Really wish there was more of this stuff. I also have everything else including the one in your pic from onwards upto their latest in lossless and also one or two works from the same composer outside of their circle. If you applocale japanese option traders me towards a place to upload I can hook you up. Akatsuki Records is really on fire, aren't they? I might just cave and go scrounge around for enough loose change to buy it then.

Lots of stuff going up on Red and Sows. Stop being plebs and get where the music is. Can you UL it to AB? Just try it yourself. Using xupefei's locale emulator on bit 7-zip and Win8. I've been kind of away from the private tracker scene. They're really, really casual with their applocale japanese option traders shit there and it's easy to bump it up when you get a gorillion points you can trade in applocale japanese option traders ratio for just keeping seeded torrents running.

You won't be able to get by with just seeding though -- you more or less have to contribute to stay afloat. This setup keeps the new content flowing in. If you're even a smalltime buyfag, you'll be just fine. I know enough surrounding audio quality and general tracker information but I'm pretty bad at explaining myself applocale japanese option traders I'm not sure how well I would do at one of those. It's too bad these places don't open up registration more often since generally it's either doing that or sucking someone off for an invite, right?

It'll probably applocale japanese option traders up like other private trackers I've joined where I don't bother downloading anything to try and keep my ratio number nice, then the site closes a year or so later before I even do anything other than uploading. I wouldn't do it applocale japanese option traders.

I'm sure someone will upload the BK scans eventually applocale japanese option traders I'll try to get a scanner somewhere. But personally, I only ever use libraries for their printers nowadays.

Much easier than applocale japanese option traders one and needing to buy ink all the time. Are VK downloads slow for everyone or is my third world internet just that shitty? I can't get anything done before the connection times out. Congrats, you're now part of Putin's botnet. Riparia Records — Whiteout k MP3 https: If you're going to buy an album why not spend 5 bucks on a seedbox and be done with ever needing buffer again? Some people just like sharing music because they love the music.

The people who buy, rip, and upload their bought copies are heroes. This whole whiny thread is basically begging for handouts, and you shouldn't be surprised when uploaders see this attitude and stop sharing altogether. People don't upload there because they want to share, they just want their ratio to go up. There is no other explanation why it's only being uploaded there.

They're not the heroes from the past you speak of, they're assholes who want you to suck them off for their uploads. The only reason there's whining is because in the past people would actually just upload their shit instead of stroking their own e-dick.

I applocale japanese option traders said this. I said the uploaders will see the crybaby attitude in this thread and maybe reconsider whether they share AT ALL. They're still uploading new stuff all the time. Is the concept of enjoying sharing really too hard for you to understand? JPS and AB require little to no participation. You can just seed freeleech stuff and buy points to buy upload. Why would someone want to reward this behavior? Applocale japanese option traders they want to encourage more people to share.

If ten buyers upload to 4chan and a thousand people just leech, why would any of those thousand buy anything? We need more buyers and more uploaders. One way to get to that point is by uploading to sites that require participation.

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View unanswered posts View active topics View unread posts View new posts View your posts. It is currently Wed Apr 04, 5: Getting Tygem to work on Windows 7. Mon May 03, 5: Okay, decided to uninstall everything and start from the beginning to see how I got Tygem to work on Windows 7 Home Edition. This is technically not supported for Windows 7, but this guide shows you how to do it.

Download the client here or go to tygem. The Tygem client may autostart and come up, but the characters in the client will also be screwed up. Technically you could stop here and enjoy Tygem, but it's problematic if you have an account using foreign characters or if you're irritated of seeing the bad characters like myself.

Exit out the client and open up AppLocale. Proceed to install it; this time the characters in the installation and the folder downloaded into your Program Files should come out with correctly with Korean characters. Open up AppLocale and this time browse for "LiveBaduk.

If you want, give a name for a shortcut so you can pin it to your taskbar. If all goes well, you should see Tygem open up correctly with Korean characters. I am not sure why an installation needs to be done twice, once with and once without AppLocale, but if you skip 3 and just run AppLocale on LiveBaduk. Sun May 09, 8: Another way I found to do this was to: Go to Control Panel. Click 'Clock, Language, and Region. Click any of the options under 'Region and Language,' excluding the 'Install or uninstall display languages' option, with a small shield next to it.

This should bring up the another window titled 'Region and Language. Click the 'Administrative' tab. Under the 'Language for non-Unicode programs' heading, click 'Change system locale Select the appropriate language.

I clicked the simplified Chinese. Restart your computer, and Voila! Tygem should run in the Chinese, or whichever language you picked. I didn't get the boxes and unintelligible symbols in the client or on Chinese websites after doing this. Sun May 09, 9: The problem with setting the system non-unicode locale is that it applies for all non-unicode applications.

I have a few different applications that each need different locales, and AppLocale is the only real way to go about that. Of course, if you only run one program like that then the system locale is probably the way to go. For anyone using AppLocale, you'll probably find this patch useful: Now, if only I could find a way to remove the "Are you sure you want to let this program alter your machine settings? On Oro, popups don't get correct characer set. On Tygem, the only bug seems to be inability to sort by ranks or names in the game list.

That one is an odd bug. It probably has something to do with how the client checks which button you've clicked. AppLocale is a pretty good tool, but if you see some oddities, it may be do to using it. Tue Aug 03, 9: Sat Sep 11, 9: Does anyone know a way to get applocale to work with user account control enabled?

I have to disable mine for it to run properly. This is why everything must be calculated, in order to foresee victory and defeat. Thu Sep 16, 6: Thu Sep 16, Fri Sep 17, 8: Fri Sep 17, 3: Do you mean a Japanese copy of Windows?

I had the same problem with system locale as with AppLocale, but both were on my English Windows. Sat Jan 15, 4: I recently changed my system to win 7 and thanks for your help i managed it. I have a question though, do you know what is the icon opening with a cartoon girl pic? It seems it downloads something constantly.. Sat Jan 15, It runs when you first start the program, checking for updates. I think it's supposed to be a background process, but Windows 7 decides to put it on the taskbar for some reason.

If you find it irritating as I do just close it the next time it runs. It shouldn't come up again. Sun Jan 16, Ah yes, it is tyloader. Since my connection has limited quota, i have to cancel it. But it still works ok, thank you. Page 1 of 1. Previous topic Next topic.

This post by Solomon was liked by 2 people: I always thought that that was simply how the Tygem client was. I didn't consider that it could be because of AppLocale, since AppLocale seemed to render all of the fonts correctly.

I did have that issue before I used Applocale. Some of it seems to be intentional, like admins being listed at the top of the list despite their rank, and part of it seems to be that the software does not automatically resort after additional users enter the room. Wbaduk has the same problem, I think. By the way, do you have to deactivate user account control to load Tygem via Applocale?

Try setting yours up that way and rebooting, you will see. You just have to make sure all the region settings are set to Japanese. Once set that way, the rank sorting works fine. Can you take a screenshot? Display posts from previous: You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot post attachments in this forum.

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