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As you would have read in the previous blog: Technical Analysis — Introwe give you technical analysis tools amibroker software Zerodha Trader — our trading platform. But there is a huge difference between driving a fast amibroker software and driving a Ferrari Formula 1 car. Once you amibroker software proficient at Technical Analysis, you would benefit quite a bit by using a professional charting platform.

Similar to AmiBroker there are a bunch of other professional charting platforms that are available in the country like MetaStock, NinjaTrader, Advanced Get from eSignal, etc.

AmiBroker is a comprehensive technical analysis program, with advanced charting, back-testing and scanning capabilities. The list of things that AmiBroker can do is almost unlimited and it would amibroker software best to check here and here. Now AmiBroker is like a Formula 1 car, but you need to still fill gas to run this car. What I mean to say is that to run a charting platform amibroker software need live data data from the exchange as only then will the chart form. Unlike a trading platform like ZT where data is already coming from an exchange, you will need live data on a technical analysis platform to see live charts.

Data again comes in 2 forms, live data and end of day EOD data. But if you want live charts then you will need amibroker software subscribe for live data. As of now globaldatafeeds. This is a one-time cost and presently AmiBroker has 3 different editions:.

The above charges include taxes and you can visit the following link to know the difference between these editions. The above price for purchasing the license is same for all clients of Global Datafeeds and there is amibroker software special discount.

Global datafeeds offers 3 data packages and subscription to any data package. This includes real time amibroker software as well as EOD end of day data. The data subscription costs are recurring and you have an option to subscribe for 30, 60, 90, or days. Subscribing for days would give you the best price advantage. There are 3 data products you can subscribe to, check this link for more amibroker software.

For a detailed comparison between data products see the comparison matrix. Because of its partnership with Zerodha, Globaldatafeeds will offer you amibroker software data at the lowest cost in the country.

People who have already subscribed to live feeds from other authorized data vendors in the country would be pleasantly surprised to see savings they make compared to their present vendor. Remember that AmiBroker is not a tip providing machine. You have to put an effort to learn and educate yourself, amibroker software once you have put some time on it, you will have a tool which is extremely powerful and will help you improve the probability amibroker software winning in the markets.

Love playing poker, basketball, and guitar. Rajesh, all the details are amibroker software the 4 blogs mentioned here. Amibroker is provided from our partner globaldatafeeds. Mohammed, Amibroker is just a tool for making best amibroker software of your technical analysis strategies. I guess the best thing to amibroker software would be to work on your technical analysis strategies, learn more on that.

Hello, My questions are. I have a job that requires 3 to 5 visits travelling intra city per day mostly on bike. Ami chart not useful for my life style. You can try any of these two data vendors, they give our clients a special deal: What all types of orders that could be sent from Amibroker tool will be supported in Zerodha under semi-automated mode.

Thanks for the details Nithin. If so, what are pre-requisites for that and how to do that? The only way now presently is through our software based version.

Nithin, the amibroker logo image is getting chopped off in the landing page. So is there any way i can go for Ninja Trader 6. Simpleinstall, and start Trading. Hopeamibroker software will be done on Amibroker software Pi also. I request you to start a course on AFL at zerodha varsity. My query is that can I trade commodities with NinjaTrader, using Zerodha as a broker? If not, can you suggest me better platforms to amibroker software the same.

I would be more interested in automated and semi-automated trading. Have you tried Pi our desktop and Kite our web based platform. You an also use Pi bridge to connect NT to Pi and trade. Amibroker is a separate platform, you will have to check if they can work on mobile. I would like to purchase Amibroker Software. Do you sell the same? If not from where I can purchase the software for my own by using Indian currency?

If I open my trading account with you, Can I use data for my amibroker through you? You can contact Global data feeds: You can read more including charges: I start trading using Zerodha kite and believe me it is amazing, thanks a lot for the wonderful job. I check with Amiboker site and looks like there is no authorized seller in India for Amibroker. Below is the link where I check. Yeah no auth dealer in India, if I remember right it was because the parent company was quite pissed about most people in India using amibroker software version of Ami.

Let the GFDL team know that u r a zerodha client, they will give you a discount. You can also check out truedata. Dear Sir, A networking query. At our office I am hoping to get fastest speed and lowest latency connectivity on your various Client software Pi, Q, Amibroker software. Does amibroker provide option chains analysis?

If I want to see Option greeks in real time along with the full option chain, can I get that in Amibroker? If not, do you know of any other resource Free amibroker software paid which can give such info readily without any need for me to manually use Black scholes calculator.

Sir I was maintain my account RN you back office showing wrong amount amibroker software days onward iwas calling today morning send it to me again today it shows plz solve my problem. Dear Sir, I want to know whether amibroker allows us to save our applied technical indicators like b bands, Macd etc.

Or we have to put fresh indicators on target stocks daily? I find it hard to put new indicators everytime as it reduces efficiency. You can see the list amibroker software NSE offered courses here: Also if we require data in miliseconds how to get it? The delay may be a few miliseconds, not high enough to have a severe impact unless you amibroker software using latency sensitive formulas. If latency is an issue, you have to consider co-locating your servers and subscribing to tick by tick data amibroker software is expensive.

First i would like to say many many thanks for your new concept sharing our trades under opentrade. Interest on Amibroker software we get in our bank account directly so i think it should not be counting as capital.

You can currently do this on Pi. Hi I have 2 questions. Can Amibroker amibroker software used with downloaded amibroker software from AmiQuote instead of subscribing to data feed atleast for sometime to get acquainted with the system?

Yes, GTC orders are on our list of things to amibroker software. But firing orders would be difficult without a real-time feed. I am a Zerodha client for last couple of years. Pl suggest backtesting platform which could be used for back-testing with User interface.

AmiBroker — Introduction 65 comments. Traders, As you would have read in the previous blog: Amibroker software are the features of AmiBroker, why should I get it? Object oriented drawing tools, drag and drop indicator creating capabilities, modern customizable user interface, multiple time frame on charts, popular built-in indicators, amibroker software.

Symbol and Quotes Database: Build up and store historical amibroker software, unlimited number of symbols and quotes, powerful filters, etc. It is an advanced formula language that allows you to create your own indicators, trading systems and commentaries. It is specifically designed amibroker software traders so writing technical analysis formulas is easier and quicker than in general purpose languages.

Amibroker software features more than built in AFL functions to use as building blocks for your formulas. You can also perform full featured back-testing of your trading strategy, giving you an idea about the performance of your system.

Some of the must reads if you are planning to become an expert on AmiBroker are: It is a book by Dr. To use AmiBroker, you have to incur two costs: This is a one-time cost and presently AmiBroker has 3 different editions: Ultimate Pack Pro edition:

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Years ago some time after I first started "trading" I acquired charting software and as I got used to it I got to like it more and more. There were some upgrades which introduced functions that made things easier and it seemed to me that this was just about all I would ever need.

I tried Metastock which was the software used by more seasoned traders but did not like it for several reasons, the main one being that it was complex compared to what I had. The other attraction of this software was that it would download data free of charge every evening - what more could you want? As time went on there were upgrades which amounted to complete rewrites, the free data was dropped, there were lots of bugs that took time to sort out, then there was another rewrite which now meant it needed XP to work properly and more bugs and freezes and the whole thing became more and more bloated without really achieving any improvements in functionality.

It now needed frequent checks online to continually activate it and if you got a new computer there was a whole activation process to follow. About this time I discovered AmiBroker and heard good reports about it which made me have a look at it and eventually buy it.

The originator of this software is Thomasz Janeczko from Poland and he is constantly working to develop and improve it. The problem I had with it was that except for the free US data which it can download daily I was quite unable to get it to access the ASX data which I was by then buying in Metastock format.

This remained a problem to me for quite some time but once I found out how to do that it soon became my favourite charting software. One disadvantage with AmiBroker is that for those who are somewhat challenged in the computer literacy department it may not be the most user friendly program there is at first glance. Where I had trouble is in the part of the process of setting up the program to read external Metastock data. As part of the procedure an empty folder is to be created in a place where intuitively you would expect to put the folder where your data resides.

But instead it needs to be a completely empty folder. It is in fact a simple procedure but there are one or two steps where it is possible to go wrong and the explanation needs to be more specific. One other disappointment is that there are no scans or explorations built into the program.

You have to build them yourself but the coding wizard under construction will enable even those with no coding ability to do that easily. When it's all said and done, the advantages of the program are many: Advertising is by word of mouth — the program sells itself.

It also means backtesting and scanning is very fast. There are also many ways of creating or adding to the watchlists whch makes them very easy to use. This great feature allows any chart to be viewed in many different layouts at a click of the mouse. It saves having too many indicators on one chart.

There is a great library of code and guides on how to use it. Also a wizard is available for a small charge which enables the user to write code if you know nothing about coding. The wizard function for creating explorations or scans is still under construction. Some of these are put there by users of the program and some by Thomasz.

The code for each indicator is readily viewed and easily changed if desired. If you are not comfortable with that there is a readily accessible parameters panel to adjust the periods and characteristics of the indicators and other aspects of the chart. In contrast with most software the beta versions are in my experience safe to use with no bugs or problems.

If there are bugs on first release they are fixed so quickly that I have never found any. The program itself is very compact, only just over 6 MB and will run in everything from Win 95 to Vista.

It is extremely stable and very easy to install. While it will do what beginners need it will also do serious backtesting. One very experienced Metastock user told me that AmiBroker will do what Metastock plus TradeSim will do and more for a tiny fraction of the cost.

This is also where its very fast access to data provides a great advantage. Any trading system can be back tested and optimised and the results can be displayed as a 3-D graph which can be rotated and viewed from different aspects. This enables you to visualise how robust your trading system is. This list can be sorted by the display column headings such as by percent change in ascending or descending order. This can be very useful in finding stocks that have done well for the day and, for instance, to find stocks which have had a large increase in value together with increase in volume.

Once you see a stock that looks interesting it only takes a double-click in the list to bring up the chart. Once set up the data is updated with no fuss.

While beginners may think that free data is a bargain it is not worth using for serious trading in my opinion. There are also other providers of free ASX data and if you are more an active investor rather than a trader this may suit. Most data providers will supply Metastock data which is suitable.

Premium Data has a special script which not only takes any hassles out of configuring AB to read its data but also creates a huge number of watchlists to cover every section of the market as well as the sectors and subsectors.

There are about of such watchlists so there is a huge resource there for investigation including lists of stocks which can be traded with different CFD providers. There is therefore no need to make special data folders as with other charting software and so no need to have the data tediously distributed to multiple folders. Premium Data maintains the watchlists and AmiBroker instantly retrieves the data as required from just the one data file.

Data distribution is therefore never slowed no matter how many watchlists there are. The slightly more expensive Professional version will give extra functionality with live data but is not needed for end of day data or for a limited number of live charts. I have never had to use this and as mentioned before if there is a problem the support is excellent. While support is readily forthcoming I would suggest that if you decide to use AB that you carefully read the tutorials and other help before asking Thomasz for help.

If for no other reason than pure self-interest I would like to make sure he gets as much time as possible without distractions to keep on making this better and better. There are aspects of this software I have not yet explored so those who have been using it for longer than I have may be able to suggest other advantages. All in all I think it is an excellent package and unbeatable for the price and quality.

Perhaps the last word should be left to Thomasz himself when he says: This is what I am working on constantly. TheBull's free daily and weekly newsletters.

Click here to receive TheBull's free weekly newsletters on stocks, trading, investing and more. Are share buybacks a positive or negative sign? How smartphones are heating up the planet. Top 30 shorted stocks Staff Journalist. The impact of technology on the investment landscape The investment landscape has changed over the last few decades as technology has worked its way into all aspects of the field. ASIC beefs up fight against insider trading, but will convictions flow?

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission is moving to "real-time" monitoring of share trading as another weapon in the ongoing fight against insider trading. Will such a sentence really deter others who might be tempted to engage in insider trading? Point and Figure Charts. Practise crafting your CFD trading strategies. Losses can exceed deposits. Wednesday 04 April, 6: Market Summary Charts Code Lookup. AmiBroker Years ago some time after I first started "trading" I acquired charting software and as I got used to it I got to like it more and more.

By Staff Journalist TheBull's free daily and weekly newsletters Click here to receive TheBull's free weekly newsletters on stocks, trading, investing and more. Today 1 week 1 month 6 months 1 year. Tax perks for share traders Reduce your trading costs. Late gains push ASX to positive close 3.

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