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Instead of making endless blacklists with scam binary options brokers we can simply list some trusted binary brokers. Thus, will be easier for beginners to pick a broker. Hi all binary traders. I need binary pending order tools or brokers that offer pending order. As you 99 binary option traders forum trade binary option there many brokers available in binary options trading.

So my question is can binary brokers ban or close your account if you trade too successfully. I heard something about this issue that's why I would like to know your feedback. Hi, I new here and I am 99 binary option traders forum trade binary option for new brokers. Which broker do you recommend? I like to trade only in binary options. We are new to binary option trading. I only trade on Demo mode for 2 months without any solid strategy or what so ever. Now I found this Webpage. I have put in a huge amount of money with this broker n m not able to withdraw since 5 mths ago!

Now the broker not even responding to emails n calls. What should I do? We are a group of traders from Italy, we love binary options but so many scam brokers around almost make us quit trading.

We recently found Ayrex and we like it because of the fair terms and fast withdrawals but still the platform lacks essential features. According to the official announcement by the regulator, the broker might have violated a couple of points in the Cyprus Investment Firms law. The company has failed to keep adequate records of client complaints and the measures taken to resolve those. As such, there is no 3rd party monitoring the transactions to guarantee fair play. During the 2nd quarter ofCyprus changed its policy with regards to binary options.

We have plenty of binary options brokers, and every broker is good more or less. Someone may like a broker because its website is nice. Someone else may 99 binary option traders forum trade binary option a broker because of the trading platform. Hi guys, I want to trade binary options and I want to make the deposit in bitcoins.

Do you know any broker accepting such deposits? Skip to main content. I am looking for best broker in SA. Can someone tell me which is the best broker there. Anyone been experiencing unable to withdraw from this broker?

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I have lost 20k whilst trading bit by bit, is there anyone who can put me back on the trading ladder? I was following some idiots signals, which to begin with, were good. But now I'm screwed. Would be amazing if someone could help! There's a thin line between the rich and the poor and that thin line is the idea of money. The truth is that investors never really loose money because they don't see money as a thing but merely an idea.

You can stop losing money today when you make money an idea and not a thing, Invest wisely in binary options trading and you too can make money an idea. An excellent way to bypass some of the commonly occurring mistakes is building a relationship with other successful binary options traders, who are willing and able to share their secrets that include the risk and money management rules needed to trade this binary options market.

Guys you are right, but it is a struggle to find anyone who is willing to help without taking money If anyone else is struggling with their trading, he is indeed the best man to speak to.

He could be reached through this forum itself or through email. Please, kindly note that it is not secure to share any of your personal information with the third parties as well as the details of your account. Moreover, according to IQ Option terms and conditions, only the owner of the account can operate it.

Please, be wise and don't let others take advantage of you. Also, please, check this article: IQ Option Support Team. Wed Apr 4 Tokyo: December in General. It sucks to lose that much. We have some blogs and guides and you can start learning how to trade. You won't make money just by sitting on your hands. Check out the trading journal thread too! Seriously, stay away from trading.

December edited December Hi Sibby, I am sorry to hear this, but that is a part of every trader's journey to blow a few accounts and it has happened to everyone.

I would suggest to learn it by your own and take the time for it, go on demo first and practise a lot before you consider to go live. Patience is the key, but also money management and emotion control are very important.

Wishing you all the best. Transparent Binary Options trader and former floor trader. Now giving signals to help people safely to make money at Signal Hive Please do not contact me to manage your account, I will never take anyone's money.

You can see my live performance on Signal Hive and subscribe to me there. Hi, Its always usefull to do a good re-search about everything. So the broker itself, the recommendations etc. And i advise to learn it by your own and not listening to an account manager at all as they are try to lure you with bonusses or trading with big amounts to earn fast money.

When you know how the markets is behaving by yourself and practise first a lot on demo you will get there. Blue Sky Binary Posts: Hello, That is a very good point.

Signal Hive - The No. January edited January Hello Sibby, We are one of the prominent financial education providers in binary options and have been around for a while. You can read around the web about us. Most importantly, we don't "take" your money. You have a 7 day free trial and can test if we are right for you, without any risk.

More information here http: You can ask them any questions as well. I agree that every trader eventually loses his funds mostly or even completely, because it is a part of normal trading process. But why to give such an enormous amount to signals provider seems unclear to me. There are nice demo platforms, which do not require any fees, deposits and stuff. Train there first, read trading diaries of great traders and books about this industry, learn how to understand the market at least partly and only after that you will be ready to trade with bigger amounts.

And even when, not everyone can do it, so be prepared to quit after all. We have to work to be good, no one can do it instead of us. February edited February Its been a few months since I posted this discussion on this forum. When I posted this, I was in desperate need. I was lost and needed help. The money that I had lost was too much and more losses made everything go out of hand. However, I am pleased to say that posting on this thread led to find light at the end of what seemed to me as a dark tunnel.

I met a great man on this forum. In fact me and my friend call him the Great Man of The reason being is that he not only started to guide us with trading, but our lives have also changed. From someone who was depressed and stressed after losing so much money, he was able to not only put a smile on my face but he also led me to sort my life priorities out just through his words.

I am not one of those that say that I wiped out my losses in 1 week or 1 month. But the truth is the progress that I have made since learning from him is amazing and evident in my trading. The man I am speaking about is Shaun Reed. Shaun has numerous posts on this forum already that help newbies with trading - especially the psychological aspect.

He could be reached through this forum. If you are running a service as an IQ Option affiliate you should make it transparent to everyone and mention how much you charge. No sneaky "email me" and secrecy please. That is not my intention at all. Yes, of course the terminal isn't a small one. But as experience shows and practice that in most cases it's impossible to return the money. You should initially choose a better broker and not risk large sums Diversify your portfolio.

To follow unverified signals was a bad decision, it's always that way, at first everything works, but after a while it leads to a deposit drain. Try it again, but this time analyse the market yourself, prepare well before starting.

Also, this is a good lesson for the future, it's best to think with your head. And the sum is not so small, how did you manage to drain it? Sign In or Register to comment.