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The highlights of this release are support for geospatial objects and queries, and significant performance upgrades relating to datum serialization twice as fast for many analytical workloads. Read the release blog post for more details. Only documents modified after upgrading to 1.

You may "upgrade" older documents by performing any write that modifies their contents. For example, you could add a dummy field to all the documents in a table and then remove it:. In no particular order:.

Data files from RethinkDB versions 1. As with any major release, back up your data files before performing the upgrade. The following information is only relevant if you are storing negative zero values in your documents. We expect very few users to be affected by this change. This could lead to inconsistent behavior and wrong query results in some rare cases.

Starting with RethinkDB 2. Secondary indexes can be migrated online using the rethinkdb index-rebuild utility. If any of your documents have negative zero values in their primary keys, those documents will become partially inaccessible in RethinkDB 2. You will need to re-import the affected tables using the rethinkdb dump and rethinkdb restore commands. See the article " Back up your data " for more information.

If you are unsure if any of your documents are affected, you can run python -m rethinkdb. See the output of python -m rethinkdb. The any 4660 error read binary archive created by old boost version all commands have been removed. The or and and commands can be used instead. The type hierarchy for exception types in the Python driver changed. Atomic changefeeds include existing values from the database into the changefeed result, and then atomically transition to streaming updates.

Atomic changefeeds make building realtime apps dramatically easier: This release also includes numerous performance and scalability improvements designed to help RethinkDB clusters scale to larger sizes while using fewer resources.

Data files from RethinkDB version 1. If you're upgrading from RethinkDB 1. You can do this by following these steps: If you're upgrading directly from RethinkDB 1. Please read the RethinkDB 2. The protocol change was necessary to address correctness issues in the changefeed implementation.

No migration is required when upgrading from RethinkDB 2. ReQL improvements include up to 10x better performance for distributed joins, and a new fold command that allows you to implement efficient stateful transformations on streams. If the existing cluster has a non-empty password set for the "admin" user, a new server is only allowed to join the cluster if it has a password set as well.

This is to 4660 error read binary archive created by old boost version insecure states during the join process.

You can use the new --initial-password auto command 4660 error read binary archive created by old boost version option for joining a new server or proxy to a password-protected cluster. The --initial-password auto option assigns a random "admin" password on startup, which gets overwritten by the previously configured password on the cluster once the join process is complete. We recommend that you run a mixed-version cluster only temporarily for upgrading purposes.

Newer releases of OS X are not affected. We're also extending our commercial support services to include RethinkDB on Windows.

Although RethinkDB is now stable on Windows, there are still a few remaining limitations that we are actively working to address. We also haven't yet carried 4660 error read binary archive created by old boost version as much performance tuning on the Windows port as we have on the Linux and OS X releases.

Get notified when your 4660 error read binary archive created by old boost version have security vulnerabilities and out-dated dependencies in your application. Npms rethinkdb Versions All 48 versions Version Release date 1. For example, you could add a dummy field to all the documents in a table and then remove it: New features ReQL Added geospatial query and index support,, Added r.

In no particular order: Write a message to the log every time a file is deleted Fixed rethinkdb dump and other backup scripts to correctly detect the server version Changed the output of rethinkdb dump to clarify that indexes are being saved Fixed unbounded memory consumption when using the official OS X package or when building with boost 1. Compatibility Data files from RethinkDB versions 1. API-breaking changes between no longer accepts null bounds. InsertOp unit test in some compilation modes Added packages for Ubuntu Bug fix release Fixed a problem where after migration, some replicas remained unavailable when reconfiguring a table Removed the defunct --migrate-inconsistent-data command line argument Fixed the slider for setting write durability during table creation in the web UI Fixed a race condition in the clustering subsystem Improved the handling of 4660 error read binary archive created by old boost version messages in the testing system Read the blog post for more details.

Compatibility Data files from RethinkDB version 1. Afterwards, you can install RethinkDB 2. API-breaking changes Changefeeds on. You now need to include the optional argument includeInitial: The deprecated protocol buffer driver protocol is no longer supported.

The newer JSON protocol is now the only supported driver protocol. Older drivers using the deprecated protocol no longer work with RethinkDB 2. See the drivers list for up-to-date drivers. If you're using Java, please note that at the time of writing, existing community drivers have not been updated to use the newer JSON protocol.

However, an official Java driver is in active development and will be available soon. See for a full list of changes. Supported distributions RethinkDB 2. We no longer provide packages for Ubuntu Bug fix release Compatibility RethinkDB 2. Bug fixes Fixed a crash with the message "Guarantee failed: API-breaking changes The eqJoin command no 4660 error read binary archive created by old boost version returns results in the order of its first input.

Operations on geospatial multi-indexes now emit duplicate results if multiple index keys of a given document match the query. You can append the. Changefeeds on queries of the form orderBy Previous versions of RethinkDB allowed the creation of such changefeeds, but did not provide the correct semantics. Previously, these commands defaulted to the "test" database implicitly.

Now they have to be explicitly called on either a database or table object. Previously failed documents were simply omitted from the changes result. The special values r. In a future release, each will be turned into an alias of eachAsync. We recommend converting existing calls of the form. You can read more about eachAsync in the documentation. Discontinued packages We no longer provide packages for the Debian oldstable distribution 7.

When compiling from source, the minimum required GCC version is now 4. New features Added support for user accounts, user authentication, and access permissions. Users can be configured through the "users" system table. Permissions can be configured through either the new "permissions" system table or through the grant command.

For driver and intracluster connections, the server additionally supports certificate verification. Linux only Reduced the number of scenarios that require index migration after a RethinkDB upgrade. Indexes no longer need to be migrated unless they use a custom index function. Made it easier to publish the driver on local Ivy and Maven repositories. Supported systems We now provide packages for Ubuntu The username option is still supported for backwards-compatibility with existing code Improved the error message shown when connecting with the 2.

Bug fixes Server Fixed a data corruption issue in the secondary index construction logic. The issue could be triggered by creating a secondary index while the table is under write load and could result in a Guarantee failed: Drivers using an old OpenSSL version 4660 error read binary archive created by old boost version. This issue affected Linux servers when having a very high number of concurrently running queries The server is now built with jemalloc version 4.

Matt Broadstone mbroadst Saad Abdullah saadqc. Windows support RethinkDB 2. Bug fixes Server Fixed a bug in orderBy. Monitor your dependencies Get notified when your dependencies have security vulnerabilities and out-dated dependencies in your application.

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We recommend a window size of 1 Mb for the ease of computation. GCTA-SBLUP reads b, fits the model based on u, and output the BLUP SNP effect in the scale of b. So, the output can directly be used to compute the profile score using PLINK --score. LD r 2 smaller than this value will be ignored in the calculated.