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Reply or subscribe to this bug. 0x25 bin re alternatives this report as an mbox folderstatus mboxmaintainer mbox. Report forwarded to debian-bugs-dist lists. Bug ; Package firmware-atheros. Thu, 15 Sep New Bug report received and forwarded. Copy sent to acimmarusti gmail. Message 5 received at submit bugs. Information forwarded to debian-bugs-dist lists. Fri, 16 Sep Extra info received and forwarded to list. Message 10 received at bugs. Bug reassigned from package ' firmware-atheros ' to ' linux Bug Marked as found in versions 3.

Added tag s moreinfo. Bug ; Package linux Message 21 received at bugs. Message 26 received at bugs. Message 31 received at bugs. Sat, 17 Sep Message 36 received at bugs. Mon, 19 Sep Message 41 received at bugs. Tue, 08 Nov Message 46 received at bugs.

Wed, 09 Nov Message 51 received at bugs. Message 56 received at bugs. Sat, 26 Nov Message 61 received at bugs. Wed, 30 Nov Message 66 received at bugs. Mon, 05 Dec Message 71 received at bugs. Message 76 received at bugs. Tue, 06 Dec Message 81 received at bugs. Sat, 24 Dec Message 86 received at bugs. Mon, 26 Dec Message 91 received at bugs.

Wed, 28 Dec Message 96 received at bugs. Bug Marked as found in 0x25 bin re alternatives linux Sun, 01 Jan Removed tag s moreinfo. Wed, 11 Jan Wed, 18 Jan Message received 0x25 bin re alternatives bugs. Sun, 22 Jan Tue, 24 Jan 0x25 bin re alternatives Bug forwarded-to-address to ' http: Fri, 27 Jan Acknowledgement sent to "James M.

Fri, 03 Feb Fri, 10 Feb Sun, 12 Feb Changed Bug title to 'AR Bug reassigned from package ' linux Bug No longer marked as found in versions linux Added indication that affects src: Bug ; Package libmtp-runtime. Fri, 17 Feb Changed Bug forwarded-to-address to ' https: Tue, 06 Mar Bug reassigned from package ' libmtp-runtime ' to ' firmware-atheros '. Added tag s upstream and patch. Changed Bug forwarded-to-address to ' http: Disconnected from all other report s.

Sat, 19 May Wed, 08 Aug Fri, 28 Sep Removed indication that affects src: Tue, 09 Feb Wed, 15 Jun Copy sent to demdel01 gmail. Sun, 19 Mar Acknowledgement sent to www-data linode.

Send a report that this bug 0x25 bin re alternatives contains spam. The current version can be obtained from https: Can't change to loading configuration err. Can't change to loading configuration err]. Bluetooth does not work:

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This router is fully compatible with OpenWrt Chaos Calmer The only difference seems to be flash chip, which is either 8 MiB or 16 MiB. Other than this, testing so far indicates that the PCB layout is identical for all boards. The board variant as well as basic info such as firmware version, bootloader, etc can be accessed via the web interface of the stock firmware, which is usually at There are no management protocols available e. This chip is dual bank and able to store 2 firmware images and switch between them when the TGn runs on stock firmware.

This is done to implement a failsafe feature: Prerequisite for OpenWrt installation is a bootloader upgrade. This procedure requires direct access to flash memory to erase it and flash CFE on it. It has been adapted to flash a working CFE image by integrating that information with what's currently available on the OpenWrt forum thread about TGn. SPI flash memories can be directly accessed at a decent way higher than jtag speed from a parallel interface, and fortunately no jtag is needed.

The parallel interface is simply built with a pin connector and 4x Ohm resistors. First step, disconnect the router from power supply. If you have a dedicated 3. In this last case, connect the wires on the motherboard socket when the PC is off. The use of a tester is recommended to check you actually picked the right conductors before frying everything. With nothing connected , you should get a similar output. Now connect the flash to the parallel port and to 3.

First let's backup the current flash content, should we want to come back one day to Thompson firmware or to recover should anything go wrong; depending on the board, this will generate either an 8MB or a 16MB dump file containing the bootloader and the whole firmware: In the bootloader archive there are two versions of CFE. Please keep in mind that the CFE IP addres has nothing to do with the real router management IP address, which will entirely depend on the firmware configuration.

As soon as the firmware boot proces starts, the bootloader dies and so its IP address. The flashing is pretty quick and when it's done the bootloader is ready to run. Disconnect the parallel port, disconnect the 3. Reconnect the normal power supply, connect the box to your computer with an ethernet cable and power the box on. If you flashed cfe. Configure your computer with a You should hopefully receive ping replies and by pointing your browser to http: If you haven't done it yet, download OpenWrt Then connect to the CFE web interface, click browse and select openwrt Once you proceed, the flashing process starts and in few minutes your new openwrt-powered TGn will come online.

If you're monitoring the board with serial port, you'll see the process in details. The management IP address will be Set up your Internet connection, configure wireless, configure USB port, etc. Numbers are Ports as labeled on the unit, number 4 is the Internet WAN on the unit, 5 is the internal connection to the router itself. Port 1 on the unit is number 3 when configuring VLANs.

Port activity LEDs are owned by the switch by default. Gateway initialization sequence started. PME supported from D0 D3hot pci PME disabled pci PCI bridge, secondary bus Setting latency timer of device Registered protocol family 2 IP route cache hash table entries: Registered protocol family 1 squashfs: Registered protocol family 17 NET: Registered protocol family 15 VFS: Mounted root squashfs filesystem readonly on device Freeing unused kernel memory: Registered protocol family 3 NET: Registered protocol family 9 NET: Registered protocol family 6 NET: Registered protocol family 4 NET: Registered protocol family 5 NET: Registered protocol family 18 NET: Registered protocol family 25 insmod: Device ikanos not present.

Disabling hotplug helper route: File exists linux application start Mounting fuse control filesystem. Unknown Parameter Type ifmfilter S67stopload: Unknown Parameter Type brgroup adsl: Starting netlink plugin Daemonize netlink plugin udhcpcd start Success Device endpoint not present. USB hub found hub USB Serial Driver core modprobe: Mon May 25 HS Serial flash device: Prossible old LZMA format, trying to decompress..

Entry at 0x80a Closing network. Starting program at 0x80a Linux version 3. Normal [mem 0xx03ffffff] Movable zone start for each node Early memory node ranges node 0: No busn resource found for root bus, will use [bus ff] pci PCI bridge to [bus 01] pci Found chip with id , rev 0x00 and package 0x08 bcma: ChipCommon manuf 0x4BF, id 0x, rev 0x25, class 0x0 bcma: PCIe manuf 0x4BF, id 0x, rev 0x12, class 0x0 bcma: Registered protocol family 2 TCP established hash table entries: Hash tables configured established bind TCP: Registered protocol family 1 futex hash table entries: Partition 0 is CFE offset 0 and length bcm63xxpart: Partition 1 is kernel offset and length a8 bcm63xxpart: Partition 2 is rootfs offset a8 and length ecc bcm63xxpart: Partition 3 is nvram offset ff and length bcm63xxpart: Partition 4 is linux offset and length fe 5 bcm63xxpart partitions found on MTD device spi1.

BCM63xx, rev 0 bcm63xx-wdt bcm63xx-wdt: Registered protocol family 17 bridge: Console is alive init: EHCI generic platform driver ehci-platform ehci-platform: Entry not found block: No such device procd: Registered protocol family 10 NET: Registered protocol family 8 NET: Registered protocol family 20 device-mapper: Registered named UNIX socket transport module.

Registered udp transport module. Registered tcp transport module. Ethernet Channel Bonding Driver: PPP generic driver version 2. C Netfilter Core Team Loading modules backported from Linux version mastergf Backport generated by backports.